Myself Praful Monani. I live in PORBANDAR. I had booked “HERO-HONDA” company’s moped “PLAZER” from the dealer “JAY-SHREE MOTORS”. Its receipt no. is 003948 dated 28th sept.2010.
After two months waiting (1st December 2010) I was been informed by dealer that my moped had been come and I can get it from there. I got information on my mobile no 9428439759 at 1:30. I reached there at 4:30. They informed me that moped’s passing, insurance etc. were completed by the dealer. I told them that I didn’t want the same by any agent, because I want to do it directly. They answered me that there are terms that the dealer must do the same and I wished to do it directly so they couldn’t give me moped. I inquired to the company about the same but company also replied me as the dealer replied.
So I just want to ask you what your suggestion is about this matter. Please reply me on my email-ID as given above.

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