Kataria Automobiles Pvt.ltd. ( Niral Desai ) Complaint – Service Unsatisfactory

Subject: service unsatisfactory
My City: surat
My Complaint Against: kataria automobiles pvt.ltd. ( niral desai )
Complaint Category: Automobiles
Claim Amount (Approx.): 36945
My Complaint Description:
i have given my swift car in kataria automobiles pvt ltd piplod branch in march 30/3/16 for service and told them that MI light is on while i am driving on dashboard and they commit that it will be solved and again when they give me delivery. and they gave me invoice no: BR15021915 AND BR15021864 Total Amount was 15462/- i paid them.after 2 days the light again on after 2 days so i called Mr. Pragnesh in workshop who has taken my car for service. he told me bring again and we will solve it. but some how i could not make out to send my car in service station and after that i gave my car again on 20/8/16 and told them please rectify my same problem. and again they commit me that it will be done and after 2 days they gave me my car with invoice of BR16008800 RS. 6435/- again i paid them and after 1 day the car start sound in engine which was not there when i gave my for regular service and the same MI light was on dashboard was seen so i again call Mr. Pragnesh and he told you please bring your car to workshop we will see. i took on same day and there Mr. Ritesh told me that this noise will make no difference while driving so u dont take any tension he told his mechanic to go for drive and see what is this noise for ! and that mechanic is telling me that sir this noise make no difference u can also go for long distance drive. i told to ritesh my dear if i am spending money what ever you people says then why this noise come it should not be like that. then he promise to give it by evening we will give delivery. and he called me in evening that sir you have to come to workshop. i reach there in 30 minutes and he is showing me that your engine is stuck so we have to open your engine and it will take 7 days to rectify it and then all your problems will go. After that MR. NIRAL DESAI CAME INTO PICTURE AND I TOLD HIM WHY YOUR MECHANIC AND YOUR STAFF TELLS ME THAT THIS NOISE DOES NOT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE AND NOW YOU PEOPLE ARE SAYING ME THAT WE HAVE TO OPEN ENGINE SO I TOLD THEM WHAT YOU HAVE DONE SERVICE BEFORE WHEN I GAVE MY CAR IN MARCH THEN IN AUGUST THEY TOLD ME A VERY SIMPLE WORD SORRY AND MR. NIRAL PROMISE ME THAT WE WILL NOT CHARGE FOR LABOUR JUST U HAVE TO GIVE FOR PARTS WHICH WE REPLACE IT. MR. NIRAL REQUEST ME TO NOT MAKE ANY COMPLAIN. AGAIN I KEPT TRUST ON THEM AND I GAVE MY CAR TO REPAIR AND INSTEAD OF 7 DAYS THEY GAVE ME CAR AFTER 14 DAYS STILL I HAVE NO OBJECTION THEN THEY DELIVER MY CAR ON 13/9/16 IN AFTERNOON AND DEMAND FOR PAYMENT OF 15048/- AND INVOICE NO: BR16009842 . I REQUEST THEM TO LET ME DRIVE FOR 2 DAYS AND IF IT IS SATISFACTORY PLEASE COLLECT YOUR PAYMENT ON 15/9/16 BUT MR. NIRAL TOLD THAT SIR WE CANT DELIVER THE VEHICLE WITHOUT PAYMENT SO AT THAT TIME I ALSO TOLD HIM THAT IF SAME PROBLEM OCCURS AGAIN THEN HAT TO DO? HE PROMISE ME THAT NOW U WILL NOT GET ANY PROBLEM. SIR BUT VERY NEXT DAY THAT IS ON 14TH AT NIGHT WHEN I WAS WITH MY FAMILY AGAIN THAT MI LIGHT WAS SEEN ON DASHBOARD I TAKE PIC AND SEND IT TO MR. NIRAL AGAIN HE TOLD ME TO SEND CAR IN WORKSHOP SO I TOLD HIM THAT SO AGAIN YOU WILL TELL ME TO PAY OTHER SOME 5 TO 6 THOUSAND TO PAY SO THAT I CAN TAKE MY CAR DELIVERY FROM UR WORKSHOP. AND HE TALK VERY BADLY THAT I CANT EXPLAIN AND I FEEL THAT THEY JUST FOOLING THERE CUSTOMER AND I TOLD HIM NOW I WILL PUT THIS MATTER IN GRAHAK SURAKSHA HE TOLD ME WHERE EVER YOU LIKE TO GO YOU CAN GO. AND HANG MY CALL. AFTER 10 MINUTES AGAIN HE CALL ME AND TOLD ME SIR SEND UR CAR FOR LAST TIME I WILL PERSONALLY SEE TO IT THAT UR PROBLEM GET SOLVED AND FEEL SOORY FOR WHAT HE SAID ME. I TOLD HIM SORRY NOW NO MORE TRUST I CAN KEEP AND I WILL MAKE STOP PAYMENT TOMMOROW. HE IS TELLING ME IT WILL SPOIL YOUR REPUTATION NOW SIR WHAT TO DO AND HOW CAN I GET JUSTICE ? SO ATLAST I CONTACT GRAHAK SURAKSHA IF THEY CAN DO ANY NEED FULL SIR I AM NOT KNOWING THE PROCESS HOW TO FILE COMPLAIN SO MY FRIEND TOLD ME TO PUT ON UR WEB SITE. PLEASE DO THE NEED FULL

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