Kaveri Motors Mr. Samir Dutta Complaint – Failing In Commitments & Misbehaviour

Subject: Failing in Commitments & Misbehaviour
My Name: Harshil Jadav
My Complaint Against: Kaveri Motors Mr. Samir Dutta
Complaint Category: Automobiles
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:
Dear Sir
This is with reference to my booking of Royal Enfield Standard 500 CC from KAVERI MOTORS, Opp. Gujarat High Court, Ahmedabad.
I have booked my bike on 14-05-2016 and took the delivery of bike on 17-05-2016. At the time of booking I along-with my father asked for some discounts on my new bike to MR. SAMIR DUTTA the Owner of Kaveri Motors. He replied that discounts are not possible but will favour us by giving away free accessories. So I asked for a Leg Guard and Two Fiber Side Box. He committed me the same will fitted at the time of delivery of the bike. I agreed on the same. On the delivery day the Leg Guard was fixed but the Side Box were not fitted as was not available and was committed to get it fitted in 10 days from the date of delivery.
I was in continuous follow-up with their employees for getting my Side Box fitted as committed. For almost 2 months they falsely committed that it will come in a day or two. Finally I was fed with their commitments and I messaged on Facebook and then on Whats App to Mr. Samir Dutta. Even he never replied to my messages. I was so very fed with the no approach from the Owners of Kaveri Motors. On and off I used to message them over Whats App seeing no reply from them. Finally one day I received the message from Mr. Samir Dutta that the Bags are on the way and reply was received on 22nd June. Even thereafter it took almost 20 days to receive the Side Box.
Finally even after my approach to Kaveri Motors on 16-07-106 they said that the Side Box are received and you are requested to come on Monday but as it was an urgency for me due to Monsoon I urged them to fix it on the same day. They agreed on the same and I went on 16-07-2016 5:30 pm to the showroom to get the Side Box fixed. After waiting for almost 35 minutes the concerned person / employee Mr. Chetan with whom I was dealing and discussing about the Side Box came and after the selection of the same they asked that there is payment of Rs. 1800/- per Side Box has to be made which comes to Rs. 3600/- which was never been told earlier or discussed. Otherwise I would have bought way back earlier from different Vendors who have readily available. In meantime the Co-owner of Kaveri Motors some Lady came into robust discussion. She said that there is no way that they can offer Side Box. She even said that Mr. Samir Dutta is in the business since 30 Years and would have made these kind of commitments. Also she said that my demand was very unreasonable and there should be some limits of asking. She also said that I don’t have any limits of asking and this might be my first bike but for them it’s a business and I am not the first customers. She was very rude in a way that I have asked something which is not proper. I tried and calmly handled the entire discussion as was not interested in any kind of rude behavior with a lady. She also said that don’t call Mr. Samir Dutta as he was not in town and come on Monday or thereafter. I thereafter left the showroom.
My mistake was that I have not taken up any written commitments which came out to be a lesson for me as I had full trust on the Owners but was not knowing about the facts like these.
My concern is that the Co-owners have no courtesy how to speak with the customers and even if it was a mis-communication / mis-commitment (which actually was not ) she should have been polite.
I wish if the concerned authroities can take an action so the way I suffered other clients should not suffer.

Best regards
Harshil jadav
Email – [email protected]
Mobile No. +91 992 501 7657

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