Lectrema Technology Complaint – Information Fraud

Subject: Information fraud
My Name: Sachin bhardwaj
My City: delhi
My State: Delhi
My Complaint Against: Lectrema technology
Complaint Category: Others
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:
This company provide onlinetyping job and the company deduct charges if work is complete or not please i want the status of company is fraud or not.because they pressure for charges and say for legal action what can i do

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17 thoughts on “Lectrema Technology Complaint – Information Fraud

  1. Plz any one can take strict action regarding this company this company is making pressure for me to pay plz any one suggest what to do now

  2. They provide completely irrelevant details and the working time is also very less regarding the number of forms we have to fill. Lectrema Technology are a sure fraud. A complaint has to be registered against them. It’s just been 3 days as i have joined their work but i have realized the truth about this company. They give impossible tasks and irrelevant information so that they can penalize the workers. NO NEED TO PAY ANY PENALTY.

    • my name is chetan ,i start working for Lectrema Technology from 8 jan 2018 and today i realise hat the company is totaly fraud and today i send a mail for quitting the job of Form filling and they send me a advocate court notice for pay out the penalty, I stucked in bad situation plz help me anyone

    • You took this job on your own. No one from the company forced you and even the company has gave you all the details of this job on your mail and on the telephonic conversation before registering on the company.
      If you are going to raise a complaint against someone then please upload the proof or reference also, because of people like you genuine company gets blamed and the reputation which gets created in long time don’t take the long time to get vanished.
      I’m giving you the time of 24 hours. Upload the proof against the company or else on behalf of the company I’ll be forced to take legal action against you under the defamation case along with corporate fraud and agreement breach case.

  3. Mr. Bhardwaj, You are saying that the company has cheated with you and the company is fraud and fake then why don’t you just send the proof of the fraud or the evidence which shows the company is fake.
    If you want I can upload you agreement, acceptance letter, call verification recording, your device ip address from which you have done the registration process and most importantly your work details. Because as per the agreement if you don’t submit or get failed in your work then you are liable to pay the agreement amount. Give me a way to upload this details and I’ll show you and the people who are replying on your complaint that who is the real fraudster.

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