My City: vadodara
Complaint Category: Service Providers
Claim Amount (Approx.): 146000
My Complaint Description:
Dear, Sir/Madam
I had contact to MARCONIS INSTITUTE PVT LTD, VADODARA branch in last April-2015 for Canada visa purpose.
They have checked my all educational and work experience documents and suggest me that I am eligible for Canada PR file through job offer letter( which provide by them). For that, their service charge would be about CAN $ 20,000 ( about INR 10,00,000). I was agreed and for that.
Due to start my process I need to deposit CAN $ 3000 to them.
I had paid 25,000 Rupees as a registration amount in cash and rest of 1,26,000 Rupees paid in cash after some time. I have been instructed that initially they will get my job offer from the Canadian company and this process will take up to 4 months.
I had waited for that and after 5 months I have contacted them and asked about my job offer letter but surprisingly they said they can not make it.
Then simply I ask for my money refund which I have paid to them. And for that process they wind me up about 4 months at last their representative Mr.Jignesh patel issued me complaint dated cheque with the worth of 1,46,0000 INR ( 1,51,000 – 5000 IELTS fee). The cheque date was after two months and it was 31/01/2016.
Now I have deposited that cheque to my bank account no and surprisingly it been the decline as they have not enough money in it.
Then after I have contacted them for this matter by personally and over the email. And today I have get the replay that " My payment will take a time or I can do whatever I can". This is complately kills my consumer right.

I have written this email to you with high hope please help on this.

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      • Hii rachna this is sagar patel I got same problem before 2 years they give me dates only I wait like 2 months after that I directly go to office with my friend he had same problem at that time there is one client was there they came with same problem at that time Imran Mirza was manager i Complained him and he said do whatever as u want and that time I was totally frustrated and I said ok just give me one hour I m gonna come with media and I m gonna give report to police and he says don’t do like that and he immediately contact to his main boss and within 3 days he gave me my all money by Cheque it was 3 lakh something so u guys can do same if u want make a team and try to get money back I give u personally reply bcoz I see that your amount is back

        • They gave me a cheque on Jan 5th 2017 complaint dated to March 1st..same In sufficient funds and cheque bounced.
          Have you got your money back?
          What steps have you taken?
          Is it good to file a case?

  1. Guy I was in the same situation, where u r right now. So pls contact me on 8238764804 . My name is Dhaval. And together we can get the money back.

  2. Hi Guys, I also have same issue. I have been trying to contact Mr. Jignesh Patel (person who looks after financial matter) but they’ve simple refuse to transfer the call and give me dates only.

    My name is Viren Patel from Ahmedabad
    Contact no 9428106382

  3. Mitesh patel samething happen with me but I fight with them and they says do whatever u can and I was frustrated at that time in marconis other client came with same complaint so l said just give me one hour I m gonna come with media n all and I m gonna give report to newspaper and police case too hopefully I get my money back if u want you guys can do same but go with team it would be better

  4. Same pRoblem, I am going to file criminal case against Marconis and Neha Patel under IPC 138 in surat court. If we get united we can file PIL in gujarat High court and will stop and this Ghost. I need mobile nos of all so will contact police commissioner of Vadoadara , Surat and Ahmedabad and try best to shut their shop.

    Tejas Barot.
    Mob no 7622004347

  5. Need to take police and legal action.
    Fit case of IPC 420, 120B, 467,468
    Let get united and submit complaint to police commissioner. Leave things to police. I am also victim.

    Tejas Barot

  6. I am also one of you., I have given Rs.2.00 Lacs cash but after so many reminders and call , NO any response got from anyone, Even Ms Neha Patel has given written confirmation for refund of my amount but they given me PDC of Rs.2.00 Lacs , Cheque no. 115487,dated 31.12.16 but this was bounce due to insufficient balance.
    Please let me know what will be our next action to get our payment from them.

  7. I got the same prob. But we caught them to police and infront of police they gave us some of our amount, but still we have pending. Guys my father is lawyer, we can demand international warrent.and lot more..they are esconded…. we should get together and fight..u can contact me on 7016676639

    • Any update regarding this case please inform me
      In surat branch some students charge case against marconis and also issued warant and then nothing since last 6 months only one reply from police whenever he come india we catch him and solve this case

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