Mobile Corner Shop Complaint – Taking More Money Wasting Our Time

Subject: Taking more money wasting our time
My City: jamnaager
My Complaint Against: Mobile corner shop
Complaint Category: Employers/Employees
Claim Amount (Approx.): 8000
My Complaint Description:
How I was harassed and cheated by the mobile store

The address of the MOBILE CORNER JAMNAGER from where I purchased my handset is-

Mobile Corner,
limda lane ,

I dont have any complaints because we complain for products that we buy from a company we trust but "Mobile corner – jamnager " has lost all my trust that I use to have on it previously. Now hearing or reading the name only disgust me. Read on and you will know why.

I would like to share my experience of purchasing my first smartphone from "Mobile corner – jamnager" .

I went to "MOBILE CORNER-JAMNAGER" to purchase Vivo X6S Plus. They billed me in a hurry, and entered my phone number incorrectly in the bill & didn't bother to change even after my request. After the billing I paid them Rs.7999 for the handset, Rs.199 for 1 year extended warranty & Rs. 299 for 1 year accidental warranty. After that I requested them to check the handset for me. They said that it is already checked and they cant waste their time on one customer and they need to attend other customers too. (Note: There was only 1 more customer except me, and a total of 4-5 mobile store guys were present). After requesting them a couple of more times, they started checking it half heatedly. They tried to switch on the handset but it wasn't responding so they asked me to take the handset home and charge it because it was low on battery. I insisted them to charge it here itself. After a bit delay and hesitation they took the handset and charger inside a room. After much discussion among themselves they declared that the mobile is defective.

Now they left me with two options, either I have to take this defective set to service centre because they where out of stock & cant replace it or I have to purchase another set of the same price or more. I literally begged them to keep the money but give me at least a day to decide but they refused to do so. Then I decided to purchase a set of Samsung which costs around 6,500. But they declined to refund me the rest of the money. They said that I can only purchase a set which is equal or more than Vivo X6S Plus bill.

Since I was running out of option I asked them to suggest any alternative. They told me to purchase Nokia Lumia 630 dual sim. I wanted to purchase an Android phone but they said it will be best of all. Seeing no where to go I agreed with them. I requested them to complete the procedure as I was late for home which is 25 kms away from that particular branch. To my horror, they declared that they are out of stock & I'll have to wait for another hour. In the meantime they will send someone to collect the handset from another branch. I requested them to bring any other color except white but the branch manager kETAN KAKKAD threatened me and said that only white is available, I can take that or keep the defected Vivo X6S Plus set and go home. I was short of money so I had to call my friend to give me a loan of Rs. 2000 who stays nearby.He handed over the money to me and left. Now I was all alone in the store with the store manager , his girlfriend NISHA JOSHI (she was a life insurance agent, got to know from their conversation) and two other mobile store guys who were flirting with his girlfriend. They brought maaza, closed half the shutter and started enjoying among themselves, completely ignoring me. After an hour the manager left with his girlfriend and rest started leaving one by one but I was still waiting for the person who was suppose to bring the mobile set which I never planned to buy at the first place. There wass a camera in the store so anyone who has the authority can check the whole incident of that day.

Finally after 9:30 p.m. the person with an old box of Nokia Lumia 630 (white) arrived. The seal of the box was coming out as if it was opened and closed many times.I asked him why the box looks so old, full of dust and seal tampered. He replied that the mobile phones come in stock thus the appearance. Felling completely helpless and cheated, I paid the rest of the amount, so my grand total was Rs.9599 for handset, Rs.299 each for 1 year accidental claim & 1 year extended warranty respectively.

Before billing they promised to provide a free anti-virus but later on declined.
When I asked for my handset bill they said that they need to do some sales return transaction so they cant generate it now. The guys in the mobile store took my email id & promised me to forward the e-bill & certificates but they failed to do the same. I waited for two more days and called and requested them to provide the above, they simply said it had already been generated & sent. I requested them again & asked them to sent my papers, they forwarded me a aircel sim bill & blocked my number. When I again rang them from a different number, & literally begged them, they simply said that the system is crashed & it cant be generated anymore & disconnected my call. When all my attempt failed to retrieve my bill, I searched google for a mobile store email or helpline and founded mobicares email. After sending a couple of emails, they sent a scanned copy of my bill. It was my first smart phone but I was not at all happy or excited. It was more like a burden for me. On that day I decided, "MOBILE CORNER JAMNAGER" will be the last place I will go ever to purchase a handset. I will prefer not to have a handset, than having one from "MOBILE CORNER – JAMNAGER".

To add insult to injury, my friends after knowing about the purchase informed me that Nokia Lumia 630 is no longer manufactured since Microsoft has taken over Nokia. Other dealers are selling Nokia Lumia 630 dual sim for not more than 6000 to 7000 and I have been robbed. To add fuel to fire, Microsoft lumia was launched next day and it was available for 8000 with bigger screen, 1 GB RAM, front camera, flash and many more extra features than Nokia Lunia 630.

Finally I just want to say that I have nothing against anyone. Before billing I was treated like a king, after billing like a slave. Common man I'm 🙂
I lost some extra bucks but they lost my TRUST forever.


Thank You.

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