My Name: Mayur Bhutwala
My City: SURAT
My Complaint Against: M/s.Leeshop
Complaint Category: Advertising Media
Claim Amount (Approx.): 12000/-
My Complaint Description:
Dear Sir,
My name is Mayur D Bhutwala from City : Surat,Gujarat.
I am ordered HTC M8 16GB Model from advertised on Quickr.com worth Rs.7000/- as on date: 20/05/16,first he was email me from [email protected] as on time 3.19 pm and say you were deposit half payment to our company account as named M/s.Leeshop its a/c.no.3649201000031 and product was deliver to next day dated : 21/05/16 as on 12 noon to 1pm. But,some money problem I was paid of to his company account as on date : 21/05/16 time around 10.30 am worth Rs.3500/- and he commit me to mobile handset will deliver to you as on date:21/05/16 time around 5 pm to 6 pm and then I was called him by made a half payment of mobile handset he said to me my mobiles handset will not deliver to me for some delivery problem on Saturday begins. And then He was call me as on date : 23/05/16 on around 9.30 am to 10.30 am and say you paid your balance amount of your mobile handset worth Rs.3500/- and I was deposit this amount worth Rs.3500 as on date ; 23/05/16 on time around 10.30 am to his company's account as named M/s.Leeshop. After deposit this amount and I was called him and he refuse to provied this model to me and say he had not available this model and said to me for refund of my deposit amount worth Rs.3500/- + Rs.3500/- = Rs.7000/- but he said to me he will pay by cheque of minimum amount worth Rs.15000/- or he offered to me behalf of second mobile handset of HTC One M8 worth Rs.12000/- but I am decided to purchase another second handset he offers to me and deposit Rs.5000/- of his company's account as named M/s.Leeshop as on date : 23/05/16 on time 2.30 pm. and he was commit to me for my second handset will be deliver to me around 4 pm to 5 pm but his delivery boy was not come to deliver its mobile handset and his phone was switch off whose mobile number is +91-7088800312 and his company employee mobile number +91-9837454183 was also out of coverage area till 4.30 pm as on date : 23/05/16. On next day I was call his company's employee and he said to some kind of his distributors problem he dosen't give me product and refund my amount and he said to me he will be refund of minimum amount worth Rs.20000/-. I am request to him for other any product to given to me behalf of my money but he was said to for First refund to me of my amount and then other product provide to me by cheque worth amount Rs.20000/-. It means he was said to me deposit other balance amount of Rs.8000/- and then refund to this in my account. He also mailed to me as on date : 24/05/16 on time 2.39 pm and provide the other company employee contact number +91-9927092952 as named Anujkumar. And now Currently he is call me for payment of Rs.8000/- for refund my amount but I am not believe this company employee and this company.

So, Please I will request to you that for refund of my amount worth Rs.12000/- from this company. I have also all bank deposit receipt and confirmation mail for proof of documents.

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