NEESA LEISURE LTD, Gandhinagar Complaint

Subject: Non payment of fixed deposits payment
My Contact No.: 09717592262
My Complaint Against: NEESA LEISURE LTD, Gandhinagar
NEESA LEISURE LTD, Gandhinagar’s Contact Details: NEESA LEISURE LTD, Gandhinagar
Complaint Category: Finance & Investment
My Complaint Description:
Non payment of fixed deposits payment by Company NEESA LEISURE LTD, Gandhinagar. Company has Indulged in cheating and fraudulent activities. we had submitted the FDR’s to the company for the repayment. Instead of repayment, the company of its own has renewed all the below FDR’s for a period of additional six month. In the company’s brochure of fixed deposit form, it was clearly mentioned that they will send the advanced repayment cheques but now this also has been stopped by the company.
This arbitrary act on the part of company is clearly a breach of trust towards many small depositors like us. You are therefore requested to issue necessary directions to the company for making repayment immediately and stop this illegal actions towards us
Br Amit Gupta 9717 592262

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One thought on “NEESA LEISURE LTD, Gandhinagar Complaint

  1. I also have a FD with Neesa,faciong the same problem.I am planning to sue the company.Contact me at 9899093929 so that we can discuss any possiblities…

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