Phone Has Been Barred From Calls

I had purchased Uninor Sim card on 8th April 2011 with the connection number as 7383535756 from Aakash Provision Store Ahemdabad and had submitted the documents at that store. Before I left the store Uninor representative came there and had picked up the documents for further processing and had confirmed to me that on 9th April 2011 the documents will be submitted at the concerned office.

But to my surprise Uninor sent me a message on 13 April 2011 that due to not submitting the documents my outgoing service will be barred in two days.…

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Not Returning Money: Dipak – 8401051680, Karan – 92227457770, Tarak – 8000899969

I’ve got new tata photon+ from these guys on 26th March, 2011.
It was not activated till 9th April, 2011 which should be activated on the same day. So I called them up and said that I dont want Tata Photon+ anymore. So asked them to give my money back and take the device back. Almost everyday I called them once or twice for the money. Its already 19th April today and they are not returning my 5000 Rs.

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Mobile Number 9586555537 Has Been Deactivated Without Any Reason

Dear Sir/Madam,
I bought above number from Ahmedabad Gujarat upon my visit in July 2010. Actually I paid extra to get number of my choice and had taken the series for my brother.
My Father Kutbibhai Primuswala both the numbers under his name as I didn’t had my passport copy with me at the time of purchase.
Since I’m NRI and leaving in Dubai I had been told that I have to do recharge of atleast Rs 200 to keep my number active FINE!
Due to emergency I visited India in November and had used my number and did recharge and returned in the end of November 2010.…

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3 Times Money Deducted Wrongly

Dear Sir,

My self Ajit B. Patel (9974018243) and i am using tata docomo card since last 1 year but recently my balance deducted 3 times and while i called customer care they told that the balance deducted due to java game download through DIVE IN service. but i had never used their DIVE IN service but i am using 2 GB internet plan for downloading and surfing. Initially i complained to [email protected] but they are also saying the same thing and i didnot get my money back.

i also checked the above complains regarding tata docomo and most of them are also having the same problem like i have.…

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