Delay In Repairing A Under Warranty Air Conditioner

I purchsed a Samsung split A/C in Oct 2010. The AC was used for hardly couple of weeks when it started malfunctioning (water leakage from the blower unit). The complaint was registered with Samsung Call centre on 12/05/2010. The service engineer visited us after 2- 3 and informed that the water tray was defective and needs replacement and that this will be done in next 3-4 days time. However this did not happen and no one bothered to provide ua any update on the pending complaint. We have dome N number of follow ups without any results.…

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I paid Rs.630.00 to through my debit card towards 3 years subscription for ‘Gruhshobha’ Gujarati Magazine on 8.2.2011 and I was given order no.s180505. I was informed through mail that the dispatches of magazine would within 5-7 weeks of order and accordingly, should have started in March end or April first week, but till date I have not received a single magazine.
While enquiring there on phone, talked to some Ms.Latika and Ms.Bindoo, being informed only that the same is dispatched.…

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Reliance Communication

M/s. Reliance Communication.

Dear Sir,

We are having your CDMA connection 9377853100 since 3 years, and all the payment are paid as
per due date, even our deposit 500/- is there with you.

We have received the invoice copy on 25th may 2011 and co. has deactivated my STD facility on
26th may due over usage of credit limit. Even my credit limit has not increased, we are regularly
making the payment on time you can check our past record of our billing and payment cycle.

We are very disappointed that my STD facility deactivated without checking past records.
This intends us to switch over to other service providers in which we get better service and tarif plans.…

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Prithvi Utility Service Pvt.Ltd.Baroada-Ad Posting Work

I have comleted apporved and correct ad 833 nos. and rejected ad 170 nos total ad 1003 nos. in the month april i.e from 06-04-2011 to 30-04-2011 and I earned Rs.2499/- of april month show on prithvi login, but after date-14-05-2011,I see my a/c was blocked and He has changed my approved and correct ad 833 nos. and do to approve 161 nos. and reject 842 after fifteen days This is wrong  and cheat with me because of do not pay money to me.
Also I have also approved ad 355 nos. in the month may i.e 01-5-2011 to 13-05-2011 so I have total approved ad 833+355=1188 i.e 06-04-2011 to 13-05-2011 means I earned total 1188×3= Rs.3564

But prithvi cheat with me and show only earning money is Rs.1539/-still today.…

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