Cancel My Policy And Refund The Amount

My Name: Nikhil
My Contact No. 9921677022
My Complaint Against: Akshay Saxsena
Akshay Saxsena’s Contact Details: 9582027594
Complaint Category: Reliance Comaplaints
My Complaint Description:
Hello Sir,
Myself Mr.Nikhil Kulkarni.
I have taken “Guaranted Money Back Plan” of Reliance.
My Policy No :19702057
Please cancel my policy and refund the amount for the below mentioned reason.
FYI,I received the Policy document by courier .
I was misled by the reliance representative named AkshaySaxsena(Phn-9582027594) by telling me to buy the policy by promising me to give a Camera and Gold Coin.
I bought the policy in January 2012 and since then I was paying my premiums.…

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Online Shopping

My Contact No. 9913604355
My Complaint Against: tvc skyshop
tvc skyshop’s Contact Details: tvc sky shop _ mumbai
Complaint Category: Service Providers
My Complaint Description:
This is regarding Order no : 462243795169583 (Fulfillment In Progress)
on TVC Sky SHop by 06-04-2013 but till date there is no update from them and no delivery/dispatch status is mentioned in there website.

i was mentioned it to them it is for gift and by today i am leaving my place for vacation, and they have agreed too ( on their website it is written 2-3 working days is the delivery.…

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Cheating By Credit Card Company.

My Name: Kunjesh S.Mali
My Contact No. 09824088850
My Complaint Against: SBI Credit card.
SBI Credit card.’s Contact Details:
Complaint Category: Advertising Media
My Complaint Description:
I am using SBI credit cards since more then 5 years. I have not defaulted my payment cheque any day. But once 2-3 years back & now this company is intrested to show my cheque dishounered. while in none of the case they deposited my cheque to my bank.last time they had to reverse the charges they had applied to me.. again this time without depositing cheque to my bank they are claiming my cheque as return.…

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Wrongly Generated Bills With Excess Charges And Excess Meter Reading

My Name: Viral Shah
My Contact No. 7405661911
My Complaint Against: Adani Gas Limited
Adani Gas Limited’s Contact Details: Nodal Officer –
Complaint Category: Others
My Complaint Description:
Dear Adani Gas team,

Today, we are in receipt of our bill numbered R201210975965 dated 31.03.2013.

Our customer number is 1000161666
Meter number is 110203043

We got the billed amount of Rs 3487. The bill also said that the previous reading is 45.000 units and the current reading is 140.000.

The meter reading’s image is attached herewith in this mail..The reading of the meter is 75..887 units (as on 13th Apr 2013).

It seems that the bill is wrongly generated and we are charged more than 64units excess..which is illegal..this happened 2nd time when we got the wrongly generated bill in which excess amount and excess reading is charged to us.…

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