Dissatisfied Services

We have group of few people who have been mislead from Gorwa based Talati Mr. Rohit. he is not doing his work properly & due to this we all have to suffer.
For simple thing like to make income certificate & Pedhinama, he is not responding properly. everyone has to go 10 to 15 times to complete this process. It seems that intentially he is looking for some corruption.
please take right action for it.
or visit personally there.

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Salary Rs 12000 Non Payment From Open Xcell


i came across to you after such issue.

i joined this company and we do bond for 6 month and in bond it has written that 1 month salary pending with them, thy provide at end of 6 month.

i do work over there till 45 days than they told me at time of payment i mean 2nd month that we are not fine with your work on date 28th till period they are fine.

and then they told whether we want to take you away here or not , so i left job i have to take 12000 from them.…

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