Improper Management Of Idea Cellular Limited

My Name: Dharmesh P Dobaria
My Complaint Against: Idea Cellular Ltd.
Contact of Complaint Against:
Mr. KamleshBhai Mob. 9723434607

Mr. Shoaib Bhai Mob. 9904401570

My Complaint Description:
Dear Sir,

I had submitted my whole documents related to my complaintpaid connection approx. 4 times in a 6 month duration but then also they are sending messages that i have not done the needful. The documents were submitted in Pinnacle Enterprise station road Ankleshwar(Gujarat). Please kindly take this issue to the higher authority .

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Vodafone Complaints

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to make my Vodafone & Pacesetter outsource collection team Complaint Live to public.
Here is my mail to them – I will keep complainting the hopeless replies I will get from Vodafone & Pacesetters…

“Dear Collection Team Pacesetters/Vodafone,

I am furious with the Vodafone Service, with all the customer care centers, numbers, and e-mail ids there is no intention of taking proper care of the customers.

If you are just a outsourced agency for Vodafone, then so be it.

Do not harass me with Vodafone Bill payment and improve your systems better,
I will not hesitate to approach Media in a couple of days and Take Legal Action against whom so ever is concerned, go through the proof of Cheque, Bank Statement, and Receipt of Payment attached herewith

Second time I am going through such a mess because of a System Problem at your end.…

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I received a call from BSNL Hungama during may 2011 that I am to get free services if I provide to them my mobile number and email address and I provided to them but I am sorry to inform you that I got MODCHG in my lanline bill 0261-2795429 during june to july 2011 bill extra Rs 149 and july to aug 2011
BSNL never gives any kind of services to its clients without the written consent of its customers and not only that BSNL asks for deposit to its clients.
But here no written consent nor any kind of deposit is taken.…

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Finance Company Complaints

My Name: bansiddhar kiritbhai bhatt
My Complaint Against: finance company
Contact of Complaint Against: singapore,
in india cont person:
in april i pay 25000 in , suddenly i saw company website are not oppen and fill me a fraud co.
My Complaint Description:
i m bansiddhar bhatt from ahmedabad , i pay 25000/ in will establish in singapore co. co executive says everyday 1 percent interest me from co so ipay that co.…

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Balaji Waffers Poor Quality Of Chan Dal & Ratlami Sev

My Name: jignesh patel
My Complaint Against: balaji wafers Pvt. Ltd.
Contact of Complaint Against:
balaji wafers
My Complaint Description:
I am so very great pleasure with regular take it balaji all product in Namkin for
never complaint with you.

i have purchase the Ratlami sev near the three times and Test of sev are very different to compare with original Test .

I am Purchse the Ratlami sev near the CG Road in Priseema Compelx in basement Tea Stall Parlour .Ahmedabad . this packet mention in Batch No. 63 C and Mfg. date 19.1.11.wt . 40 Gms .…

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