Cheating With Customer By Bag It Today

I have on line place the order for one black berry hand set 8830 to Bag it today on 8th March11 & made payment thru credit card.
I have received the hand set on 28th March11 but not able to use black berry services & local black berry service center deny to provide service although i have provide the original bill of purchase. Also come to know that the hand set is not new but it was refurnished one & Bag it today is never told/intimate to their customer of that fact. After 20Days long fight with ( lot of phone calls & mail exchange during this 20days) them they are ready to replace the hand set on 9th May11 but in new hand set also I am facing the same problem that not able to use CDMA network because my handset ESN number (to active CDMA reliance service ESN has to match to universal black berry directory) not registered & also in new hand set track ball is not working.… Continue reading

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Cheating Regarding Booking International Tickets

Complaint Against:
Digvijaysinh Jadeja
Akshar travels,
vishwakarma shoping centre,
sector 21,

Complaint Description:
I am sandip patel from mansa near by gandhinagar.
we make one agent to book tickets to u.s.a.he charged 83000/- rs. for each tickets for 4 students.and he make it open for return eventhough he knew that we have got visa upto 11th june when we make a call after reach to usa to book our return tickets.he demand rs. 8000/- more to book tickets.he said “if u’ll not pay ,than i’ll not book ur tickets”.
now i am in big trouble and it will be more troubling if ill not able to leave usa before 11th june,stuck in usa as he is not conforming my return tickets.… Continue reading

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Harresment To My Relatives Due To Bill

Complaint Against:
airtel apsra(9998652317)
Complaint Description:
due to my cug bill plan i have to paid 785 rupees bill.apsara call to my relatives for my bill payment.she take my call detailes and call my relatves about my bill payment.she have talkes with me stupid langauges and tells me begger who dont pay his bill. yes my bill is not clear by me but for what my relatives is not responcible.please keep strick step towardes this employee apsara… Continue reading

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મોબઈલ ફોન સર્વિસસ્ટેશન મા આપેલ છે જેનો કોઈ સચોટ જવાબ મળતો નથી.

Complaint Description:
date; march 28 2011 12:31 pm
work order no; SE311ASR10254
model no; J10i2

problem report: cant adjust volume, outgoing sound problem.

મેહુલ જી, ગાબાણી
સોની એરિક્સન નો મોબાઈલ સર્વિસસ્ટેશને આપ્યો ત્યારે કહેવામાં આવ્યું કે અઠવાડિયા દસ દિવસ મા કમ્પલેટ થય જશે ,
જયારે દસ દિવસે પૂછવામાં આવ્યું તો કહે છે કે હજુ બે-ચાર દિવસ થશે,
હવે જયારે અઠવાડિયે પૂછ્યું તો કહે છે કંપની માંથી હજુ આવ્યો નથી આવે એટલે તમને કોલ કરશું. ફરી જયારે પૂછ્યું તો કહે છે કે કંપની મા ડાઈ રેક્ટ પૂછો.
કંપની મા ફોન કરીએ તો દરેક વખતે કોઈ નવોજ વ્યક્તિ હોય છે. જેથી દરેક વખતે નવી નવી ડીટેલ પૂછે છે.… Continue reading

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