Panasonic India And Apps Daily Ahmedabad Complaint – Unsuccessful Attempt Of Repairing My Mobile With A Lot Of Harassment

Subject: Unsuccessful Attempt of repairing my mobile with a lot of harassment
My Name: Niraj Brahmbhatt
My Complaint Against: Panasonic India and Apps Daily Ahmedabad
Complaint Category: Mobile Companies
Claim Amount (Approx.): 35000
My Complaint Description:
Absolutely bizarre experience with Panasonic India and Apps daily Ahmedabad . I mean, I would have never imagined in the wildest of my dreams that these GUYS would change my IMEI number when I gave my phone for repairs and not even inform me of that for good 4 months… I mean WOW… too good guys… The phone was mine, I paid for the insurance, I gave them the phone for the repairs and I am only not aware the IMEI has been changed… To top it all, it would not have been a shock to me if one fine day I was told by the law that I am a criminal and I am supposed to be arrested because the IMEI changed is actually of someone who is involved in one or the other crimes…I mean really? These guys literally had the guts to change it and not even bother to inform me of it? And by the way, I was also asked to go from pillar to complaint just to get my phone back. Sometimes the AppsDaily Ahmedabad people would misplace the job sheet or one or the other document and would hold me responsible for it… What an amazing customer service? LOL!!! I gave the documents to these guys and I only misplaced them from your office??????????? they want me to believe this nonsense? Forget about me getting my phone repaired, I am bloody not been given my phone back in an as is condition! I mean like are these guys even 1% serious of keeping their customers happy? Literally? ha ha ha well, they need to know that their customer service is absolutely HORRENDOUS….I WILL BE SURE TO SHARE THIS EXPERIENCE OF MINE WITH ALL MY WEB FOLKS… I AM 200% SURE THAT I WOULD NOT BE CONTACTED AT ALL BY YOU ALL… I AM SURE these GUYS WOULD BE HAPPY TO SEE AN UNHAPPY CUSTOMER… It is better to spend more to buy the phone of the brands like iPhone or Samsung Mobile or even Lenovo Mobile India since these guys just go ahead exchange the phone just so that their customers are happy… REMEMBER ONE THING GUYS… A HAPPY CUSTOMER SHARES HIS/HER EXPERIENCE WITH 2 OTHER PEOPLE, HOWEVER, AN UNHAPPY CUSTOMER WILL SHARE HIS/HER EXPERIENCE WITH 8… NOW I LEAVE IT UP TO them TO CALCULATE THE RATIO… +919925078008

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