Www.ebay.in / Company Cheating The Buyers- Protecting Seller Complaint – Faulty Product Dispatched And Now Not Providing Replacement Or Refund

Subject: Faulty product dispatched and now not providing replacement or refund
My Name: Aryan Gupta
My City: Pune
My Complaint Against: www.ebay.in / company cheating the buyers- protecting seller
Complaint Category: Mobile Companies
Claim Amount (Approx.): 19000
My Complaint Description:
paisapay ID 40893131788 SR# 1-58935464785 Claim ID : 1409816

I purchased a Nokia Lumia 1020 mobile from EBay and deliverred to me on 4th Nov,2015, Product was faulty since mobile camera was not working, hence immediately raised a claim for replacement or refund,

As usual, Ebay has closed the claim mentioning product under manufacturer warranty, 

I visited Nokia Centre they confirmed and issued a letter that product is not under warrranty and refused to repair the product, 

In turn Ebay has again asked for DOA letter,

I again visited to nokia centre and they confirmed that as per their policy they are unable to issue DOA letter, 
DOA can only be issued only incase product is purchased from authorized nokia centre and incase of any manufacturing fault within 4 days from the date of purchase, where the product was not under warranty

Then i logged a complaint on microsoft website that Ebay required DOA for resolution of my case,Microsoft reverted on mail and refused to issue the DOA,

In all above episode, Ebay tried to forcefully close the case, i got a call on 7th Dec,2015 that they are closing the case since you did not provided DOA, since same has been asked by the seller.

I feel frustrated , cheated… alot of harrasment was already done by Ebay and Seller as seller doesn't feel any responsibility and asked buyer to liaise only with the ebay for resolution,

Seller shipped faulty produuct, ebay protect them, ebay even refused to accept the letter issued by Manufacturer that product is not under warranty , Ebay India also asked buyer to again go to nokia care and seller ….

Ebay and Seller in partnership with cheating the buyers,

Once i reivewed the seller and product… Ebay deleted my id and comment and suspended my account too…such dictetorship by Ebay india, whatever negative review was given i have all the documented proof of that…despite of that….Ebay India has their own policy and they change as per their convenience,

You can not reviewed genuinenly…to let other customers understand.

Seller has their shop in mumbai and sells all the product from the shop , whatever faulty product they have …they sold online and ebay protect them by rejecting the buyers claims, its easy …just need to mention manufacturer warranty that all.

Now please investigate the case…i am sure you wont because its again ebay.

Lot of struggled in resolving the issue…which i am sure not going to resolve because of partnership

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2 thoughts on “Www.ebay.in / Company Cheating The Buyers- Protecting Seller Complaint – Faulty Product Dispatched And Now Not Providing Replacement Or Refund

  1. Dear Aryan Gupta,

    Thanks for bringing your issue to us. Please be assured that we are working on your problem and we will get in touch with you at the earliest. For any further clarifications, please write to us at [email protected]

    Thanks & Regards,
    Team Ebay

    • Dear EBay India Team,

      you just marked a mail to ebay which did not resolved the problem, please understand Ebay India is asking for Dead on Arrival Letter from Nokia Service Centre, whereas Nokia Service centre has clearly refused to issue that, clarifying that the product dispatch by ebay seller does not comply their policy of DAO, as DOA can only be issued if product purchased from auth centre of Nokia within 4 days of purchase whereas the product sold by ebay seller was used one, not having any warranty, how could they will issue the DOA then,

      Whereas i am strugling as i bougth product from Ebay and Ebay is diverting me to third party for resolution who has refused for further any support since product was not under warranty,

      Seller and Ebay harassing me and showing reluctance in resolving the issue, Moreover they knew that in india they can harass to any one and no one is there to stop them, they said that you go and complaint any where because no one is there to help you,
      every one will come back to them only and they will again provide the solution that you visit to the Nokia service centre only.

      Helpless…rude…pathetic reply by ebay as always…

      Please help me….Grahak Suraksha


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