Dr. Hitesh Shah , Rajsathan Hospital Complaint – Negligence Case, Wrong Treatment And Fraud By Dr. Hitesh Shah, Rajstahn Hospital

Subject: Negligence case, Wrong treatment and Fraud by Dr. Hitesh Shah, Rajstahn Hospital
My Name: Chinkal Patel
My Contact Email ID: [email protected]
My City: Ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: Dr. Hitesh Shah , Rajsathan Hospital
Complaint Category: Doctors & Hospitals
Claim Amount (Approx.): 4 lakh
My Complaint Description:
My Name is Chinkal Patel and I want to complaint against Dr. Hitesh Shah, Rajsthan Hospital.
Today, I have read one case about negligence and fraud to Mr. Syamsundar Ramcharan Sharma regarding heart surgery like Angioplasty and Angiography by Dr. Hitesh Shah in 7th June 2015 gujarat newspaper and I realized Dr. Hitesh did same fraud with my family last year.

My mother-in-law got pain heart in Dec 2013 and we admitted her in Rajsthan Hospital under Dr. Hitesh Shah guidance and he told us that she has two blockage in heart and we have to quickly operated and put stand which cost around 1 lakh. And he put stand within 1 hrs after admitted in hospital under huge pressure gave by dr to us and unfair trade practice. After 10 days , we discharged from hospital and paid around 1.5 lakhs to hospital.

All of sudden , she got breathing problem after 15 days (month of January 2014) and we admitted again in same hospital. Dr. Hitesh Shah treated her for 7 days and their was no recovery result till after one week and he everyday some did R& D on her and put second stand again and After 7 days treatment he told us that she suffered from numoniya . After treatment She got some recovery in 15 days and we discharged her after paid huge amount again.

Again and Again, she got again breathing problem after 10 days (Month of February 2014) and we admitted same hospital but there was no proper treatment gave by dr and no result and every time she suffering problem and we shifted her to apollo hospital on 4th day and paid amount and discharge her. We have all proof and bills each date and month to compliant against him.

We always thought that she got recovery soon but negligence by Dr. Hitesh Shah , we have to admitted three time within 3 months and no results. Today , I read same fraud case by him and realized that he did same with us.

Please take proactive and hard steps against him.

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