Rajshree Sutar Complaint – Cheque Bouncing

Subject: Cheque Bouncing
My Name: Vinesh Pathare
My Contact No.: 8097024160
My Complaint Against: Rajshree Sutar
Rajshree Sutar’s Contact Details: 9922316454
Complaint Category: Family & Relationship
My Complaint Description:
Honourable Sir

This is to request to have your help in a cheque bouncing case under Sec 138 .

The problem I am facing is that the the accused residing at Chinchwad was avoiding Summons to be hand-served by Honourable Chinchwad Police Station by some or other means which issued by Honourable Kalyan Court . Somehow the summons was served by Courier by our advocate and the Honourable Kalyan court issued BW against accused – the service of same by Honourable court to Honourable Chinchwad Police Station.

We are still awaiting Report from Honourable Chinchwad Police Station to the Kalyan Court . The accused remains absent from home in day time is that we are aware of but still reside in same area . On searching Court Site on internet I found 2 more cases against the accused at Honourable Chinchwad Court in a cheque bouncing case under Sec 138 .

I expect that that the accused should be further tried by clubbing all this cheque bouncing case under Sec 138 and guilty be brought to Law of Court .

I have regrets to say that the accused was my colleague in Engg studies in Year 1990’s . We came to know each other in Year 2011 and was hence unaware of in-between history of my ( Industrialist ) colleague of money cheating . Based on our earlier friendship faith I lended INR 330000 . The accused had asked money to pay urgent govt tax money she being in some Business problems .

Vinesh Pathare


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