Rakesh Gajbhiye Complaint – Regarding Poor Construction Work

Subject: Regarding Poor Construction Work
My Contact No.: 07028373887
My City: Nagpur, Maharashtra
My Complaint Against: Rakesh Gajbhiye
Rakesh Gajbhiye’s Contact Details: 09767219849
Complaint Category: Construction & Real Estate
My Complaint Description:
Respected Sir,
We signed the contract with above mention person, Rakesh Gajbhiye on 10/04/2013 for our individual house construction at Saket Nagari, Bailtarodi Road, Nagpur (MS) for Rs. 6,50,000/- which include labour and material cost.
While construction period, he did all the things as per his wish only; like selection of tiles without asking us, after that height of doors were very short. When we asked him to make a correction then he replied, like, in your family all are short. Whenever we suggest something, he said ”He knows very well than us”. He complete task in the month of Sep 2013.

We shifted to new constructed house in Diwali period 2013.
Sir, within just 3 months, we found that, he use very low quality material.

Major issues are as follows:
1) Height of building is not as per construction rule.
2) In every wall, their is big cracks.
3) One of the bedroom wall is completed seperated from other wall and it is dangerous for my family.
4) If on corner of walls, if anything touched, it get broken.
5) For applying curton on window, when we try to make hole, then suddenly big hole were made. That much he used poor material.
6) We can not lock our front door, because quality of wood is low and it can not close properly. We made iron door for safety and lock it only. (It is separate work we done for our own amount)

Sir, it is a period of just 10 months, and we feel like, our house is constructed before 20 years.

It is a humble request to take a strict action against this fellow and reimbursed our amount, as we can make some changes in our house.

With Regards,

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