Religare Health Insurance Complaint – Cashless Claim Deny Just Giving Stupid Excuse

Subject: Cashless claim deny just giving stupid excuse
My Name: Rakesh Chhikara
My City: Sonepat
My Complaint Against: Religare health insurance
Complaint Category: Doctors & Hospitals
Claim Amount (Approx.): 15000
My Complaint Description:
I have taken a family health plan Policy number 52106200 of 5 lacs before 6-7 months ago. I got an minor accident on 12th December night because of slipping my scooty front tyre and I fall towards left side all weight on my shoulder. At night I take a pain killer n slept. Next morning I feel huge pain in my shoulder n in my head. One of my friend went to hospital n referred name for emergency in Cygnus J K Hindu Sonepat. I go their they told me to deposit Rs. 10000/- at counter. I show them my religare card but they told me that today is Sunday n our TPA section's holiday n tomorrow in the evening will refund my money after approval from religare. They make an X Ray of my shoulder n CT Scan of my brain given me some pain killers n admitted in emergency. As report found n fracture in my shoulders bone n CT scan reports are OK. They shifted me in private room n start treating. I tell to doctor that once 7-8 years before I was felt from m.cycle n got fracture in my shoulder that time. I m hospitalized right now but religare deny my claim that I have to produce the hospital documents of 8 years before that how I got the fracture another they had rejected my claim. N please also tell me once when I was 6 years old I got a fracture in my right leg if in accident I got fractured in my right leg I have to produce 29 years ago hospital documents as I am 35 years old now . Doctors has clearly certified that this is fresh trauma from accident and a representative of religare also comes in evening taken my written statement with my injured shoulder photographs with my photo ID but even now they are making excuses.Should I file case in consumer court?

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6 thoughts on “Religare Health Insurance Complaint – Cashless Claim Deny Just Giving Stupid Excuse

  1. After Talking to customer care many times and finally my doctor clearfy the things almost for 15 minutes now they gives approval….. but Religare gives mentally harassment from the first day when I admitted in hospital

  2. Dear Mr. Rakesh Chhikara,

    As per the feedback received from the team, We are glad to update you that the said cashless claim is already approved.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Team Religare.

  3. This religare is the worst company in insurance industry.most immature company in the industry with full of chor staff

  4. Hi I am Santosh Naganathan in Mumbai. As rightly pointed out by Mr. Vishal and Ms. Laxmi, they are a Number 1 CHOR COMPANY.
    Their employees do nothing other than dupe customers.
    I am one of their victims. When I had taken their policy, one of their managers Vaibhav Shetty called me to explain the benefits if were to go for a 3 year policy at a stretch but not once did he talk anything about the policy features, nor did he do any kind of a probing, like for example enquiring about previous existing illness, if any. This Number 1 CHOR company has done PhD in making excuses for not settling claims.
    And the best part is, they do not give you these excuses at one go. They will give you excuses in installments.
    That is, if you clear the first excuse, they will take a month and come up with another excuse to reject your claim.
    I have experienced that. Filling up their own pockets is all that they are concerned of.

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