Ronak And Rajdeep Singh Complaint – Cheated In Name Lf Replacement.

Subject: Cheated in name lf replacement.
My Name: Shyam Khandhedia
My City: Bhavnagar
My Complaint Against: Ronak and rajdeep singh
Complaint Category: Electronics Appliances
Claim Amount (Approx.): 2500
My Complaint Description:

Please read this whole message,
As we all know E-commerce is developing day-by-day, so here i would like to share one incident with you all so people might be aware when they buy stuffs from Instagram users or any other private online business, i bought this speakers online, when i got the delivery the bass of speaker was not working so as i had the replacement warranty i asked the supplier what to do? He said sent us back and we will replace it, so i sent those speakers back by courier, it took 8-9 days and then i got a call that ur product is ready n sorry it took time because it was under replacement process and we just received it, to be sure i asked him again that did u repaired it or replaced it? He said no sir we have replaced it, so after 2 days i got those speakers and when i opened it, it was the same speaker with same fault and a dent on it and applied fevikwik on the joints and all, it was same speaker i can say because the speaker which i received earlier i had paired it with my phone to check and when i received the another one my phone got connected to the same device i paired earlier, i lost my mind after seeing this and i informed the seller that u had sent me the repaired one, then he replied that we always repair our product until its possible then why we replace it? So even after i had the replacement warranty i got the product repaired and they kept on telling me that its replaced until i received it back…
Its not about the money or product this is about cheating the customers and giving rude responses, i have learnt my mistake but this is to make you people aware that please don't buy stuffs from the people like this… I hope that this message reaches to maximum people so that all the people doing this kind of business also gets aware,
We call us indians and we dream of the better india in future but a nation can only be mature when the people are, if we trust each other we can make a country which no one can compete, but if things like this keeps on happening then no-one will trust each other and hence living on the same land or country we are pushing the progress of our country downwards, please beware people and do the things with the right way, wrong way is fast but temporary and right way is slow but permanent…?

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