SAMSUNG Complaint – Quality Not At Par With The Claims

Subject: quality not at par with the claims
My City: surat
My Complaint Against: SAMSUNG
Complaint Category: Mobile Companies
Claim Amount (Approx.): 28000/
My Complaint Description:
i had purchased a samsung note 3 on 14/5/2015 and started to have network issues after a few weeks. the executives at the samsung service center have been unable to sort my problems out and have pestered me for over 8 months. the technicians had requested me to switch my mobile network provider, which i did and have changed over 3 MNPs and 6 sim cards which has been futile as the same sim card perfectly works with other samsung handsets that i own. the executives claim to have repaired the handset several times including the change of the processor and the mother board for more than 3 times which has completely been useless. the representatives did accept that there was a issue in the handset which they were unable to solve and were willing to process my request of replacement of my handset for which i was asked to bring required documentation. Mrs Rajeshweri a employee at the service center called up this afternoon asking for necessary documentation for processing of the the replacement procedures, but later when i called to sort out my queries regarding that i was obliged to talk to a lunatic who claims to be the manager of the service center Mr dhrumil shah who said that the handset was all right and there shall be no replacement of the device that several of your employees claim to be deffective! what i seek an answer for is that how can there be different view over the same issue at the same work place. while some claim that repairing would not work and a replacement may be needed the other thinks otherwise and the manager claims this to be a part of the companies policy. he stated that " the phone is under the warranty period and if we face any other issues we shall get it repaired everyday till the time the warranty ceases irrespective of the problems that the customer faces and it does not matter to him if we have to go there everyday to get it sorted as it is the companies policy!" i hope that i find you helpful in getting my claim!

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