Sari Complaint – Low Quality Saree Received

Subject: low quality saree received
My Name: Shanthi
My City: Mumbai
My State: Maharashtra
My Complaint Against: Sari
Complaint Category: Fashion & Jewelry
Claim Amount (Approx.): 1449
My Complaint Description:
Ordered saree online at . saree received as shown in the photo. Totally different and defective saree. Trying to return the saree. Nobody responding. sent them mail also. No response. I have tried calling them from which number they used to us call me before delivery of the product. In their website also there is no option of returning the product. Please help me.

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39 thoughts on “Sari Complaint – Low Quality Saree Received

  1. Aaj mujhe. Order mila. Par yah saree jisk liye maine 1549 rs diye usk packet ko kholne k bad mujhe pata chala k ye to thagi h aur koi no v nhi h email v kiya h reply nhi aayega to consumer forum v jayenge

  2. I ordered a soft silk saree I which some polister saree is sent to me. There are no contact numbers. On email no one responds. Pl arrange call back a d pick up

  3. Very low quality saree delivered. Unable to contact them. Returning the saree to the same address even if I don’t receive the cash, as it is of no use to me. No reply for the mail sent. Frauds.

  4. today on December 15 2018 Saturday..i got tge saree which i ordered in 10 December 2018 sunday …when the deliverey boy came to house …i was aware before giving the money for once seeing the product but..he is completetly refusing and claiming u will get the same exact product u ordered and there is return facilitiy also…like any other online orderes i received product… thinking i can return i dont like…and i gave money …but when i opened the pack ….the saree is totally diff low quality.. when i call back the deliverey boy by the exact number he called…but the number was unavailable…i got betrayed first time…during online orders…they are having fake web site showing attractive images of products n sarees ..i think the there is a whole team along with deliverey boy n fake website..pleasssssse customers dont buy products from this saribox .com website… u will get fraud.. n plsssssss authorities plsssssss help me n others who got frauded..

  5. why u cheating people u selling worst quality sarees & we the people who are buy u r 100 rupee saree for 1500 u must reply our amount soon otherwise we go to consumer forum

  6. Don’t you feel shame of it… Doing fradulent as a business… Shameless creatures…. Stop doing this… Surely you will be getting back soon….. U can’t use this for useful things ….

  7. I also received low quality Saree, the one which they advertise is different from the one which they delivered, so cheap quality, I am very upset , such a big loss it is by ordering such Saree , it,s waste of money and time. Please I request you not to order

  8. मी सारी बॉक्स मधून सॉफ्ट सिल्क सदी ऑर्डर केली होती आज दिनांक ०२.०१.१९ माला सदी मिळाली परंतु साडीची क्वालिटी खूप खराब आहे माला ते साडी परत करायची आहे पण काहीच कॉनटॅक्ट डिटेल्स नाही आहेत

  9. I ordered a soft silk saree I which some polister saree is sent to me. There are no contact numbers. On email no one responds. Pl arrange call back a d pick up

  10. Hi same happened with me I also ordered a soft silk saree but received polyester saree…..the amount of the saree is 1800rs n I m also trying to cal n contact for return but no response mailed also.

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