S’B.Insurance Brokers Pvt.Ltd Complaint – S’B.Insurance Brokers Pvt.Ltd Have Cheating With Me, They Have Give Me Wrong Information And Taken Rs.20000/- And Now They Have Give Me Bond Only Rs.264831/-

Subject: S'B.Insurance Brokers Pvt.Ltd have cheating with me, they have give me wrong information and taken Rs.20000/- and now they have give me bond only Rs.264831/-
My Name: Prakash vasava
My City: palghar
My Complaint Against: S'B.Insurance Brokers Pvt.Ltd
Complaint Category: Insurance Agents
Claim Amount (Approx.): 135169/-
My Complaint Description:
I have problem with S'B.Insurance Brokers Pvt.Ltd, i have receive call from S'B.Insurance Brokers Pvt.Ltd distance marketing call from this No.7042892722. and she give me detail about Hdfclife plan and i take hdfclife policy but when bound come all commitment are wrong, i call last 04-08-2016 by customer care they say it not possible to refund you can mail for it i say ok and i mail last 06-08-2016 but still they have not given proper response. last some days they don't give me reply also. i think they don't have intention for return paid money. i have clarify all topics by them but now they don't give me any reply, i have give all proof also but they don't worry it, can you please help me for it ? i have hope in you , you understand my issue, i have attach all proof and give them but they don't refund. sir i have all proof of attachment copy if you want i'll mail you. sir please help me.
I want to clarify Hdfclife topics
1) All the documents signed by me it's right but ask Hdfclife executive who come from my office he say sign when i tick mark, i say but why he say i want to Write your name and address i say ok. if it is my mistake than same mistake for Hdfclife executive because why he bring this tick mark form? ask him? he bring this kind of form that's why i will sign. it's big mistake for Hdfclife staff.
2) Free-look period – Yesterday evening i call Hdfclife customer care that madam say free- look period is 15 days by direct agent but what about distance marketing ? i have receive call from this No.7042892722, is it direct policy or distance marketing policy? because as per IRDA Guidelines on
Distance Marketing of Insurance Products IRDA/ADMN/GDL/MISC/059/04/2011 Dt. 05/04/2011
These Guidelines are issued in exercise of the powers conferred upon the Authority under Section 14(1) of the IRDA Act, 1999 to protect the interests of the policyholders and to regulate, promote and to insure the orderly growth of the insurance industry.
(1). Scope and applicability of these Guidelines
  a) Distance marketing includes every activity of solicitation (including lead generation) and sale of
insurance products through the following modes:
  (i) Voice mode, which includes telephone-calling;
  (ii) Short Messaging service (SMS);
  (iii) Electronic mode which includes e-mail, internet and
  interactive television (DTH);
Is it right or wrong ? If it right then why Hdfclife team is not understanding it? i have try to cancel my policy last 04-08-2016 but Hdfclife team is not ready for it, if that madam don't know about distance marketing and direct policy why she give wrong information? if you think i'm talking wrong check yesterday call record by Hdfclife customer care no.18602679999 between 05pm to 5:30pm, when i say it mince you don't refund me paid money she say you grasp (understand) it. is it true answer?
3) Successfully completed the welcome call – That day i'm busy with my office work i can't pickup any call then Hdfclife distance marketing person call me again and again and say please complete confirmation call they tack only two minute i say ok only this is my mistake. i can't listen properly and i say ok , it's ok. now Hdfclife listen my all recording, listen that distance marketing team call what they do?
Dear sir now i'm very unhappy with Hdfclife services they give me now all wrong information. how can i trust for them for long term? i have to cancel it because Hdfclife distance marketing person say after 15th year i have receive Rs.400000/- and Hdfclife agent come he say Rs.300000/- to Rs.315000/- but when bound come only Rs.264831/-, how can i trust for him, Hdfclife entire team are wrong. i don't want
it. please cancel and refund my paid money , don't foolish some one to give wrong information.
I'm waiting your quick response for it.

Prakash Vasava

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