SBI Cards Complaint – Demand Being Made By SBI Card For Transaction On A Cancelled And Surrendered Credit Card

Subject: Demand being made by SBI Card for transaction on a cancelled and surrendered credit card
My City: Mumbai
My Complaint Against: SBI Cards
Complaint Category: Banks Complaints
Claim Amount (Approx.): Rs. 1713.00
My Complaint Description:
My complaint is with respect to SBI Cards Division. I had been using a SBI VISA Credit Card no. 4377 4869 5485 1273. Not being happy with the card services and completely frustrated due to repeated disturbances caused to me by the Cards Division outsourced BPO – either offering services on telephone (unsolicited) and continuous follow ups from the time a statement was issued by the Card division (even within my credit period allowed to me), I cleared all dues and having defaced the Card by cutting it, I submitted it to the SBI Card office address given in back of card statements – at DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon with a REQUEST TO CANCEL MY CARD AND THAT I WAS SURRENDERING THE SAME.
However, it appears that this was not taken cognizance of and the card apparently remained "live"and "active" in SBI Cards Div. Though the card was not even in physical possession with me, a transaction of Rs. 890 (approx.) was made by someone to order a e book (using my card details). SBI started demanding this from me and has been thereafter continuously following up and adding Late Fees and Interest in the outstanding – which I had naturally refused to pay. The amount has reached Rs. 1713 though the actual original amount billed to me (original transaction was for less than Rs. 900!!). Being frustrated despite having taken up several times with the Bank, I decided to pay the Full outstanding demanded BUT IN EXCHANGE I WANT MY RECORDS TO BE SET STRAIGHT AND THE CARD ACTUALLY DELETED AND TREATED AS SURRENDERED and no more claims are made in this regard.

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