Shravak Arogyam – Phase II(by Jain International Organisation – JIO) And ICICI Lombard Complaint – Not Processing Claim For Age Mismatch – Not Updating Age Even After Giving Age Proof

Subject: Not processing claim for age mismatch – not updating age even after giving age proof
My Name: Prachi Sheth
My City: Navsari
My Complaint Against: Shravak Arogyam – Phase II(by Jain International Organisation – JIO) and ICICI Lombard
Complaint Category: Insurance Companies
Claim Amount (Approx.): 80000.00
My Complaint Description:
Dear Sirs,

Sub: Rectification of Age recorded
Ref: SAH211105, Claim No.220201216048

Please take a note down that there has been a mistake made in recording age of the Propser Prachi k Sheth as 61 years instead of 31 years. This mistake was made by Shravak Arogyam from the very beginning when we took the policy under JIO Phase2 in March 2015. We came to know about it after receiving the JIO health card from IFFCO Tokio, which was the then our health TPA, on which the age was return as 61 years. I e-mailed a letter to IFFCO and Shravakarogyam to rectify the mistake. I also received reply that they shall do the rectification.

After that I renewed my policy in March 2016 and while renewing i.e filing up the online form on the website of Shravak Arogyam ''
I rectified the D.O.B myself. I thought this shall be enough as I had already submitted all types of proofs asked while taking the policy for the first time. But upon receiving the health card I was again disappointed. This time I received the card from ICICI Lomabard, the health TPA at present. I was again disappointed that age of proposer is still written as 61 years and still the rectification is not done. I again e-mailed to ShravakArogyam and ICICI Lombard to rectify the same.
To my more disappointment, I did not received any reply.

Now, the claim by proposer is pending for the above same reason, i.e. rectification of age. I have already e-mailed for the same to Shravak Arogyam. I also went up to the Shravak Arogyam website for correction application, and to my surprise, I was able to login with correct D.O.B. and records shown online were also correct.

Now, ICICI Lombard – TPA says you make JIO to rectify the records and then we shall process your claim, on the other hand JIO is not doing anything. ICICI Lombard wants JIO to contact them and on other hand there is no response from JIO. In between my claim is being delayed.

Please help me.

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