State Bank Of India/Amazon Seller Services Complaint – Frudenent Transaction On SBI Card.

Subject: Frudenent transaction on SBI Card.
My Name: Hemant V. Padhye
My City: Ambernath
My Complaint Against: State Bank of India/Amazon seller services
Complaint Category: Banks Complaints
Claim Amount (Approx.): 44899/-
My Complaint Description:
Dear Sir,
This is with regards to Cyber Crime done by callers stating themselves from SBI credit card team. Fraudulent transactions of Rs.44899/- has been processed from my SBI card (xxxxxx7413) on 15th February 2016 to Amazon Seller Services. Please find below the history of the Cyber fraud which has been done from SBI callers. I have got repeatedly calls from the SBI Card team (Mr. Ashish Gupta, Sakshi Somani and Rakesh) from 7th January to 13th February 2016, saying that SBI sending the new SBI card with chip and with advanced security. They know my all card details (,card number and CVV number). They say that with this details SBI is sending new card within 7 working days. On 15th February 2016 at 12.15 pm, I have received SMS from SBI that Dear card Holder, txn .of Rs. 44899/- on card ending with xxxxxx 6624 at Amazon seller services has been declined due to card block and at 12.44pm, I received message that transaction of Rs.44899/- made on SBI card at Amazon seller services. I was surprised to see above SMS from SBI. Same day I went to city police station. They inform me that this is a Cyber Crime and you have to go to Thane Cyber Crime police station. Next day (16th February) I went to Thane police station for complaint. They inform me that you have to submit complaint application along with the message received on mobile. On 17th February again I went to Cyber Crime police station and filed complaint (FIR) and FIR number is OW/CYBER / CRIME2016 dated 17 February 2016 for fraudulent credit card transaction. After repeatedly fall up with Thane Police station, they inform me that your case investigation is completed and you need not to pay any ammount, but every week I am receiving calls from SBI credit card department saying that your amount is overdue and you have to pay Rs. 63882/- with interest. (Amount indicated as of 15/9/16) . In the month of July I called up Amazon on toll free number and also sent e-mails for help. They informed me that you have to fill charge dispute form in SBI and send us ID for investigation.
Please note that on 17/2/16 Cyber Crime Police station had send instruction mail to SBI and Amazon seller services stating that stop delivery of goods immediately at wherever point and cancel the transaction, so that amount could be refunded to the victim's account. Inspite of police instruction why Amazon had not stopped the delivery of goods? Again I called at Amazon toll free number and they inform me that no transaction had been made on 15/2/16 from my account, still why SBI is asking me and sending me mails that you have to pay the amount.
I request you to please help me out in catching those people who have done fraud with me in the name of SBI card team. I am not liable to pay the transaction amount which was never being done from my end. I have been looked by Cyber fraud. Please help me out in this as this has give me a lots of mental stress and discomfort in my day to day life routine. The amount is very big and I will not be able to digest on my end. I have also registered the complaint with SBI. They inform me that you have to pay the amount.
Sell number from where I have got the calls, saying SBI card teams are
1) Akash Gupta – 09136712320
2) Sakshi Somani – 09555354565
3) Rakesh – 08860387619
I request you to help me in investigating my case and give me justice at the earliest. Also note that I have made a complaint in Grahak Seva but till date no reply from their end.

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