Banking SMS

My Name: Abdulqadir A. Hamdani
My Contact No. 9375656175
My Complaint Against: vodfafone
vodfafone’s Contact Details: vodafone
Complaint Category: Vodafone Complaints
My Complaint Description:
I have bank account in SBI, S.M.Road, Porbandar(gujarat). i have registerd my mobile number at the branch.
I get sms when I do transaction through debit card. But I can not get SMS when I Deposit/Credit/Debit at the branch. Bank said that this problem is due to service provider Vodafone because my Mobile number registration is complete. and many Vodafone customer faces Same problem. When i talk to Vodafone customer care I did not get solution but they put my phone at hold.… Continue reading

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99.00INR Recharge Via Net Banking ; Not Received Any Services

My Name: Dewang
My Contact No. 9662982277
My Complaint Against: Airtel Prepaid Recharge for Validity
Airtel Prepaid Recharge for Validity’s Contact Details: Ms. Malik Sartaj (Floor Supervisor)
Complaint Category: Airtel Complaints
My Complaint Description:
01-Apr-2013 i recharged to my contact my Prepaid Mobile no (+91 9662982277) for 99.00INR via net banking transactions for getting lifetime validity. Reason for doing so as i was getting same day expiry date.

I searched about Lifetime validity option in official Airtel Website as following :
any one can (copy-paste to your browser’s HTML) ; where you could find following Recharge options …
Internet Recharge
You may log on to the Internet banking website of your bank and select the prepaid recharge option to recharge your airtel prepaid.… Continue reading

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Banking Cheating Of Shift Thoughts

My Name: Suvarnkumar Patel
My Contact No. 9601256920
My Complaint Against: Shiftthoughts Consulting Pvt. Ltd
Shiftthoughts Consulting Pvt. Ltd’s Contact Details: 01166481110 Anupam
Complaint Category: Others
My Complaint Description:
I Suvarn Patel having a HDFCI bank credit card. My credit card number is 5xxx XXXX XXXX 0740. I got a fraud call which made fraudulent transaction was made by the said company and charged rs.6399.00 on 21/11/12. I have been informed by the said company that I am a preferred customer of HDFC bank credit card and I will receive some discount cards with other benefits like cash discounts on shopping, family trips, etc.… Continue reading

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Net Banking Uninor Recharge Is Not Seccesfull But Accout Blnce Debited

My Complaint Against: dhiraj taywade, uninor recharge was not succesfully
Contact of Complaint Against:
9175139462 i dont know who was telling me but i call u ur coomponey near about 3:23 pm plz cheak detail
My Complaint Description:
just i will do this 38 rs recharge but recharge is not successfulll & my net banking accout 38 rs debited plz give me a balance… Continue reading

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SMS Banking Issue With SBI | Dipakkumar Darji (Acc No: 20062607311)

Summary: Complain against SMS banking service provided by SBI that it’s not working correctly

Myself Mr. Dipak Darji, had enabled the SMS banking service for my account with SBI, GIDC branch (Gandhinagar) having account no. 20062607311.
By using the facility provided for mobile re-charge, I had submitted request to top-up my BSNL SIM card for 50 Rs on 09-Mar-2011; Appropriate balance was deducted from the SBI account however I didn’t get any top-up balance with reference to above request.

Please find below detail of transaction displaying for my account:… Continue reading

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