Removal Of Heavy Duty Electric Line In Domestic Society And Granting New Electric Line Grahak Suraksha

My Name: Kalyani
My Complaint Against: Tamil Nadu Electricty board
Contact of Complaint Against:
Tamil Nadu Electricity board
Complaint Category:
Advertising Media
My Complaint Description:
I, take this opportunity to put forward my grievance and I hope I could receive some guidance how to go about.
With the grace of God, and the obligation of Shree Jayalalitha, I was granted land to build a small home along with several others.

After many years, I have managed to build a house; however, to my terrible grief, I am unable to get a electric supply to my home as there is a heavy high voltage line passing over my plot.This line was a hindrance in constructing a house as per my desire and presently is a huge risk for my family members who reside in it.… Continue reading

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