Tata Photon + Net Divise

My Contact No. +919099936792
My Complaint Against: SPEED ENTERPRISE
SPEED ENTERPRISE’s Contact Details: +919227234304
Complaint Category: DOCOMO Complaints
My Complaint Description:
sir I was buy the tata photon + net divise last month by Speed enterprise (vadaj,A’Bad), retailer said me that sir
buy prepaid divise only 1700 Rs and take Divise of Rs 1300 + 10 Gb free for one month, but i have got the Postpaid connection bill which is amt of 487.00 i am called in Speed Enterprise but nobody pick up my phone so sir pls help me

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How Tata’s Looting Through Their ” Tata Photon Gang “

My Name: Ajay Kondekar
My Contact No. 9820986526
My Complaint Against: Tata Photon
Tata Photon’s Contact Details: toll free no. 1800266121
Complaint Category: TATA Indicom Complaints
My Complaint Description:

I would like to share my horrible experiance with Tata Photon

How Tata’s Looting through Their ” Tata Photon Gang ”

Tata Photon Number : 9223200902

Ref :
1) complaint number :352171739 ,date :07 -march 2013

2)We would like to inform you that your complaint has been registered for the given number 9223200902 and the Reference number for the same is 363306545. This issue would be resolved by 23-MAY-13. We request you to kindly make a note of the Reference number for your future correspondence.… Continue reading

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Wrong VAS Charge For TATA PHOTON Number:7405249737 For 15 Months Since March 2012.

My Name: Haresh Mulani
My Contact No. [email protected]
My Complaint Against: Tata Doccomo
Tata Doccomo ‘s Contact Details: Tata Doccomo Ahmedabad
Complaint Category: DOCOMO Complaints
My Complaint Description:
Wrong VAS charge for TATA PHOTON number:7405249737 for 15 months Since March 2012.
I have complained every month for this wrong VAS charge. They have given me some waiver in this matter. But that was not sufficient and as per their rule they are not taking 25 Rs penalty per bill also for their mistakes. When i have stopped their payments and asking for details of all these extra VAS charge and waiver they refuses to give any details and want me to pay the amount whatever they say.… Continue reading

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Cancellation Of My Internet Connectin Tata Photon No.9275275583

My Name: Pravin
My Contact No. 9925230678
My Complaint Against: TATA Photon
TATA Photon ‘s Contact Details: 1800266121
Complaint Category: Internet Services & Websites
My Complaint Description:
I have given my request for cancellation of my tata photon no.9275275583 on 17th March,2013, then 21st March-2013 and then 30th March-2013 to Tata photon help line number 1800266121.

Due to network problem I want to close my connnection. I have paid balance bill of Rs.275 on 23.03.2013.

Till today tata photon number is not closed. Due to this bill is going to be charged for current month.

Pl do needful and stop the connection.… Continue reading

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Party Has Not Provided The Invoice For Recharging Of Tata Photon

My Name: krushi Vigyan Kendra
My Contact No. 9879038539
My Complaint Against: kaushal Teleservices
kaushal Teleservices’s Contact Details: 0261-6575556
Complaint Category: DOCOMO Complaints
My Complaint Description:
Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Navsari Agricultural University, Athwa farm Surat has recharged Tata Photon no.9228524890 from Authorized Frenchisee, Kaushal Teleservices, Athwa Arcade, Nr. Jain Derasar, Athwa Gate, Surat with Rs. 750/- for Plan 750 with unlimited data usage and one month validity on 15.10.2012. After recharging, the party has denied to provide invoice for the same. On request, party replied arrogantly in this matter. Ours is the Government institute and we required invoice for refunding the money from the office.… Continue reading

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