Harrasing My Relatives Grahak Suraksha

My Name: ronak Gondalia
My Complaint Against: Airtel telecom
Contact of Complaint Against:
Head office new delhi

Complaint Category:
Airtel Complaints
My Complaint Description:
I had a airtel postpaid connection since last 3-4 years 9898323457 on my brothers name (viral gondalia)
I was having a network problem since last 1.5 yrs and was complainting about the same since then and every time I was being give a same answer before the generation of my next bill problem will be resolved this happend for almost 1 year and then this april my outsanting amount was arround 8500-9000 against which I provided a chaque and I was told by some company personal that before chaque being cleared my network problem will be sovled and the problem did not got solved so I withdraw the mony from my account and let the chaque get bounced and the told that company personal that as soon as my problem will be solved I will pay my bill in cash hand to hand but now they are not listening and are vigorously calling my relatives and saying that they will send leagal notic to my relatives and saying me that they will tourture my relatives mentallay like hell.… Continue reading

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Harresment To My Relatives Due To Bill

Complaint Against:
airtel apsra(9998652317)
Complaint Description:
due to my cug bill plan i have to paid 785 rupees bill.apsara call to my relatives for my bill payment.she take my call detailes and call my relatves about my bill payment.she have talkes with me stupid langauges and tells me begger who dont pay his bill. yes my bill is not clear by me but for what my relatives is not responcible.please keep strick step towardes this employee apsara… Continue reading

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