Vodafone Is A Thief Vodafone Looting People By Unjustified Balance Deductions And Blaming The Customer In The End

My Name: Kanav Singh
My Contact No. [email protected]
My Complaint Against: vodafone delhi
vodafone delhi’s Contact Details: [email protected]
Complaint Category: Vodafone Complaints
My Complaint Description:

i was using blackberry services for which i paid 400 rupees yesterday.Along with this i was having 80 rupees balance in my number but suddenly my bb sevrvices stopped working and whn i checked my balance it was Rs -40(negative Balance)

I called customer care and they are putting the blame on me that i had sent mms to people..Even if i had messaged ,how did the balance reached Rs -40(negative Balance) as when you have Rs 0 in your account you are unable to send msgs…

Along with this,i don’t even know how to use mms service and if balance was deducted i didn’t got any message or any popup notification.… Continue reading

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