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First of all, congratulations to all those who submitted their complaints here and are solved. Only some of you add thank you reply on website, but the major complaints are solved. We request you to add your thank you message here.

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339 thoughts on “Thanks To Grahak Suraksha

  1. Dear sir,
    Can you please help me . I can order 1 product for Onlygowns company.this company given me cheep sari, i had lost Rupees 899/-, I can Replace this order. my order No: 9078 and Product code: SA8604.
    I hope you are help me as soon as possible .
    thank you

  2. On day i got a call from He told me ” you have selected for tour prize. For that u have to buy one product from us. Due to continue getting call for the same then i bought one product of ₹600. After that he told me u have selected for zurich tour. And i denied then he said okay no problem u can take money instead of tour package then i said ok. Again i got one call. Then he said u have to pay ₹8400 then u can claim ur prize amount. And i paid. Then after few days company again said to me you have to pay ₹19200 for gst amount I paid. After few days again said this is final you pay ₹34800 for pass your prize But on prize individual has to pay income tax not gst. Gst is charged only for goods and
    Services. So that time i realized this is a fraud company. Now i am demanding my money back but they are saying different different things… What can i do please help us.

    • We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you.

      However , you case has been referred to our legal team as you have violated our mutually agreed terms and conditions by writing negative comments for windeals.

      You must remove all the negative links complainted and we can assure you that your entire amount shall be refunded by the company.

      You will receive a call back from our legal team shortly. If not received today , you may get in touch with our Customer Care department @ 9319519611 by 4 pm.

  3. On 27th April, I’ve order set of five kurtis. And today I’ve received that and they were completely different which I’ve order from that. So, I want my money back. Please help me in this.

    My order no is:  WLR155622295552 

    Total amount of: 1640/-

  4. Dear grahaksurdsha community

    Thanks for the help me.
    Unisyn Enterprise Misbah Kuraishi Complaint – TATA SKY company give me
    issue related solution.

  5. Hi
    maine kal se ek complaint ki ha jiska koi abhi tak solution hai hua h plz uska solution karo. ka froud compay hai client id 15542 amunt 1348


  7. Thanks Grahak suraksha,
    She (Vinaben) give me promise that she not do mistake like this and help to people next time.

    I request to Graham suraksha, to mail to collage,that problems solved and don’t take hardsteps to against vinaben

  8. Thank you so much to grahak suraksha; I got my refund back from Airtel Broadband.
    Thank you so much for your help.

  9. Hello,
    I am glad that Grahak Suraksha has solved my issue the same day when I complainted my issue here. I was actually confused whether this would work or not but it did work out and the online shopping website “schoolkart” called me the same day referring me the complain which I made to Grahak Suraksha. I received delivery of my package the other day. Thanks a lot!

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