Thanks To Grahak Suraksha

First of all, congratulations to all those who submitted their complaints here and are solved. Only some of you add thank you reply on website, but the major complaints are solved. We request you to add your thank you message here.

If your complaint is solved by our help, please write your experience below in the comment box:


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170 thoughts on “Thanks To Grahak Suraksha

  1. ઝાલા અંકિત માથી મોબાઈલ લીધેલ છે તે સેમસંગ બતાવે છે અને ચાઈના સેમસંગ આપ્યો છે તો મારે તે પૈસા રીફંડ તરીકે મલે મારે ચાઈના મોબાઈલ ના જોઈએ
    આપણને તે કંપની ચોદુ બનાવે છે. તો તેનો મને ન્યાય મલવો જોઈએ
    Tracking ID: 213743212).


  2. Thank you very much grahak surksha for helping us for replacement of defective chappal of Bata. Because of your support and effort, today Authority of Bata company are agreed for replacement of chappal for what they were not ready before few days. It is really a great help by you. Thanks a lot. Keep doing such work. God bless you.

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