Unwanted VAS Activations And Deduction

I am using this Airtel Mobile from last six months, I have been frustrated from their all kind of Value added service calls from the co. including Ring tone, Special subscriptions, and also been exposed to third party telemarketing firms and many more without my concern, so on Oct 23 we have called up customer center to activate DND (Do Not Disturb) facilities on my cell, and we have been given 45 days to get activate this mode and promise no other service calls b,from co now onwards & other third party beyond 20 Dec.

That effect came reverse, Airtel has almost doubled their service calls frequency and started sending multimedia web subscriptions messages on my cell baring any time even 5 o’clock in the morning. We try to protect by complaining to the service center by requesting them to stop us sending us those unwanted messages, including auditory subsections.  But now from 23 Nov onwards they have started activating their so called value added services with their own and started charging me on daily bases, I have tried to logged a complaint to Service Center, they have not responded us and entertain us by stating there seems to be some system fault and we are not able to stop your subscriptions and will keep you charging, if don’t care if you go to Grahak Suraksha forum, and you can’t do anything to Airtel.

They have mentally torched me, and let me completely down by using unethical words and abuse behavior.

I need help against this please contact me to have Mobile number and Account informations and take action against Airtel.  and advise me on how to handle this issue.

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