VIDIOCON COMPANY Complaint – Purchase Of VIDIOCON Company Liquid Luminous Full HD TITENIUM PLUS Model VKV40FH 18CH Tv From Pavan Electronics Manikbag Pune Sinhgad Road Pune. Invoice No 9232dtd 26th Of March 2016.

Subject: Purchase of VIDIOCON company liquid luminous full HD TITENIUM PLUS model VKV40FH 18CH tv from pavan electronics manikbag pune sinhgad road pune. Invoice no 9232dtd 26th of March 2016.
My Complaint Against: VIDIOCON COMPANY
Complaint Category: Electronics Appliances
Claim Amount (Approx.): RS. 27OOO THOUSANDS .
My Complaint Description:
On date of purchase it found in deffective tv hence he replace three time. After due to no stock hence he ask to register complaint on behalf of us he call videocon customers care. After I and my son Chi Rahul soni both are done free business to phone calls and email's also to connect for replacement for deffective tv very sorry to say no response after my son sent email to eria manager after few days raju TAKAVALE and Sagar bodake area manager visit at home we point out the deffect in tv they agreed to replace it with in a few days. And promise to my son he left inda for UK on 7th of April 2016. Sorry to say no response after left indea for UK. So many phone calls and email's free business. My son is also done this free business from UK also.after few dayspassing tv replace by tempo drivers responsibilities he heng tv but unfortunately same problems tv is deffective. But drivers couldn't do anything is this serious matters. No response from any one l register complaint videocon Company FRENCHIZIS RITS ENERPRISE THROUGH AMOL VISIT AND AGREE AND DEFFECT SHOWN BY ME HE AGREED AND TAKE TVS DEFECT PHOTOS AND FORWARD TO TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT IT'S PROOV THAT DEFFECTSHOWN IN LOTS IN PARTICULAR THIS SERIOUS MATTER in lots products technical issues. Then raju TAKAVALE advise me for select another model on videocon world search. Com I SELECT VIDIOCON COMPANY LIQUID LUMINOUS SMART DDB FULL HD LED TV VKV40FH MODEL 18XAH. 102CM. DELIVER the same model very soon. But sorry to say till date no replace non response. VISHAL SHAH branch MANEGER, girish Shah, Sunil Sharma, parveenkumar, Harshit Pathak, [email protected]. [email protected], [email protected], videoconcustomercare. com. Other so many staff who involed in this serious matters. For your kind information I am 68YEARS OLD sr citizens person reputed coustmer to purchase reputed VIDIOCON COMPANY'S PRODUCTS. AND SERIOUS MATTERS IS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE TO TILL DATE I AM DEPRESSED AND MENTALLY HERE'S.AND SUFFERING FROM HIGHPER TENTION. MENTALLY STRACE, CONDITIONS. YOU WONDER TILL DATE I COULDN'T WATCHING TV, DUE TO STILL FREE BUSINESS WILL CONTINUE BUT NO RESPONSE FROM VIDEOCON REPUTED COMPANY. SO REGARDING THIS SERIOUS MATTER YOU ARE LOOKINGFORWARD IN THIS SERIOUS MATTERS PERSONALLY AND TAKE PROMPT STRONG STRICT ACTION AND STRICTLY INSTRUCT TO CONCERN COMPANY FOR SUFFERING MENTALLY DEPRESSED REPUTED VALUABLE SR CITIZENS CUSTOMER TO REPLACE FRESH WITHOUT DIFFECTIVE TV WHICH I COMMIT AND DEMAND VIDIOCON COMPANY LIQUID LUMINOUS SMART DDB FULL HD LED TV VKV40FH MODEL 18XAH. 102CM MODEL NO. WITHOUT ANY SINGLE CHARGES, AND AMOUNT OF RUPEES 27OOO THOUSANDS AS A COMPENCETION AMOUNT FOR WHICH I HAVE SUFFERED MANTLELY STRACE, DEPRESSION, HIGHPER TENTION. MENTALLY UNAVOIDABLE CRITICAL DIFFICULT PASSING UNDER PRESSURE CIRCUMSTANCES FROM DATE OF PURCHASE TO TILL DATE. SO BEING A SR CITIZENS PERSON MYSELF AND REPUTED CUSTOMER WANT'S GRAHAK SURAKSHA FROM YOU. AND VERY SOON FEW SHORT DAY STRICTLY INSTRUCT TO CONCERN VIDIOCON COMPANY TO DELIVER VERY SOON FEW TWO DAYS VIDIOCON COMPANY LIQUID LUMINOUS SMART DDB FULL HD LED TV MODEL VKV40FH MODEL 18XAH WHICH I COMMIT AND I DEMAND WITHOUT ANY CHARGES AND AMOUNT OF RUPEES 27OOO THOUSANDS ALSO. WITH REGARDS
DINKAR SONI. MOBILE PHONE NUMBER IS 8888840343. EMAIL'S ID IS …. …[email protected]. COM.

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