Vodafon Complaint – Worst Experiance With Vodafon

urgently , this is my third request after payment SoniaLet me check this, pleaselalit:i am live on grahak suraksha in second window, and lodging to complain , if you are not start my outgoing now at this moment SoniaOkay Sir.SoniaThank you for providing details.lalit:when u start my phoneSoniaNo worry Sir I will place the request till that time please be online.SoniaNo worry Sir I will place the request till that time please be online.SoniaSir let me know the last amount you paid ?lalit:2413.71SoniaThank you for providing details.SoniaSir let me know the transaction id please?lalit: DSMP3886188169SoniaThank you for providing details.

SoniaThank you for making the payment. Since your account is still barred. I am taking a request for the account to be unbarred. This will be done within 2 hours.SoniaThank you for the information. I have raised a request and the SR no : 108750286lalit:You are telling lies, before you everybody told like you , but still after 24 hours , it is not unbarred. SoniaSir be rest assure it will get active.alit:No, I have not trust now. I am going to complain now.
lalit:I will wait upto 9:15am , approx 15 minute , if my outgoing will not start , complain will be lodged
lalit:I am experiencing worst with Vodafone , even as i am old customer

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