Vodafone India Ltd Complaint – Activated Unnecessarily VAS Serive

Subject: Activated unnecessarily VAS serive
My Name: Pavan
My City: Bangalore
My State: Karnataka
My Complaint Against: Vodafone India ltd
Complaint Category: Vodafone Complaints
Claim Amount (Approx.): 75
My Complaint Description:
Pavan Modi:HiCyrilGood Morning! I am Cyril. How may I help you?Pavan Modi:I want to activated VAS services on my numberCyrilI can definitely help you with that.CyrilAre you inquiring for the same number: 9620792787?Pavan Modi:unnecessarily some services got activated Pavan Modi:my balance got deductedPavan Modi:i am trying to reach customer care executive using 198 and 199 but not getting any responsePavan Modi:yesCyrilSorry to know that. CyrilThank you for confirming your number. CyrilFor the privacy of your account, I need to ask you a few questions, before I proceed. May I know the Last Recharge Amount?Pavan Modi:it was 100 rsPavan Modi:TopDoctorsOnline VAS got activated CyrilThank you for your information.CyrilLet me check this. Please be online.Pavan Modi:please deactivate it, refund my balance of 75 rs Pavan Modi:I faced this VAS problem so many time. even i called up so many times but there is no solutions yetPavan Modi:i have installed ADD Blocker, activated dndPavan Modi:but still VAS is getting activatedCyrilThank you for your patience. Pavan Modi:There is no direct customer care executive number like JIO is providing when you no needs to press 1, 2 bla bla..Pavan Modi:Are you there?CyrilAs I checked TopDoctorsOnline service was activated on 23-03-2017 10:17:44 PM through Internet. Rs.75/- was charged for that service activation. It's an auto renewal service for every 15 days

CyrilYes.CyrilSince you have clicked chargeable content while using data so that the service was activated and charged. CyrilIf you access/navigate through a 3rd party website you may get many links/ pop up that will take you to various content pages/links;
when you click on these links it will take you to a page where the content is available. You will get option of Back & Yes/Ok.CyrilIf you click on Yes/Ok, the content will be downloaded & Yes/Ok is considered as second consent. Charges are applicable as per content.Pavan Modi:Is there any permanent solution to stop VAS activation?Pavan Modi:For now please deactivate the service and refund me the 75 rs CyrilI am sorry, currently we don't have access for refund. Since already you got balance refund for another services. CyrilIf you wish to avoid further deduction's then I can take up a request for that service deactivation. CyrilUnfortunately we don't have access to stop the chargeable content at our end. Since these are the third party website updates. We have only access for Vodafone website only. CyrilKindly ignore to click chargeable content while using data. So that it will not be repeat again. Pavan Modi:i want permanent solution from vodafone. please do something for thisPavan Modi:to stop activation of this.. even user not aware about when it got activatedCyrilSorry, Unfortunately we don't have access to stop the chargeable content at our end. Since these are the third party website updates. We have only access for Vodafone website only.
However I will forward this feedback to our concern team. If there is any option available in future then we will intimate the same.CyrilAs per our records it was activated by clicking chargeable content at your end. Pavan Modi:please refund me 75 rs. earlier also i called for the same thing and it got refundedCyrilSorry, It's not applicable for all times. CyrilSince we have limited access only for refund. Pavan Modi:give me customer care executive number where there is no need to press 1..2.. i want direct numnerCyrilI wish I had a way of doing this, however, at this point of time we do not have this option available.CyrilYou can access customer care by dialing 198(toll free) CyrilSorry, There is no option to reach customer care executive directly without selecting any option's. Pavan Modi:since yesterday i am trying 198 but its uselessCyrilAre you getting any error while calling 198?
Pavan Modi:when i pressing 9 to connect executive, it always saying no available executive to talkCyrilSorry to know that. CyrilSince how long you are facing this issue?Pavan Modi:what i can do now.. JIO is better then vodafone now.. at least they are listening their customersPavan Modi:every time facing this issue. not able to talk with vodafone executive.Pavan Modi:that's why i am doing chatCyrilI will raise a service request regarding unable to connect call to customer care. CyrilSo that it will be analysed and resolved. Pavan Modi:also raise a request to find any solution to stop activation of unwanted servicesCyrilYour request number is: 2129168264CyrilIt will be analysed and resolved within 24 hours. Pavan Modi:And forward my request to responsible person to refund my balance CyrilSorry,we don't have access to stop the chargeable content at our end. Since these are the third party website updates. We have only access for Vodafone website only.
if the option available in future then we will intimate the same. Pavan Modi:dont give me same answer every time.. please refund itPavan Modi:i have not activated itCyrilSorry, we don't have option for refund.Pavan Modi:vodafone should send some notification or provision to ask customer before activation of serviceCyrilSince already you got refund for another services. Pavan Modi:those service was also got activated like thisCyrilSince you have clicked chargeable content once again so that the service was activated and charged. CyrilIt was done from your end only. Pavan Modi:on which content i click?Pavan Modi:may i have that informationPavan Modi:?Pavan Modi:please give me that information that i clicked on this content and it got activated through this websiteCyril
Sorry, due to privacy reasons we do not track or monitor browsing records of the individual sites browsed by our customer/s.

If you wish to know more details regarding the same then you can complaint the mail to our team. So that if there is any option to share the link then they will help you on this.

CyrilLet me provide you with our E-mail id to do the same. Pavan Modi:I will make a complain to grahk surksha kendra.. as well as i will complaint this chat on social networking site..Pavan Modi:vodafone is doing cheat with customers..
Pavan Modi:Thank you, Bye​

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