Whirlpool Complaint – From Last 5 Months Whirlpool Is Not Able To Solve My Issue With The Product

Subject: From last 5 months whirlpool is not able to solve my issue with the product
My Name: Abhishek Gandhi
My Contact Email ID: [email protected]
My City: Vadodara
My Complaint Against: whirlpool
Complaint Category: Others
Claim Amount (Approx.): 25000
My Complaint Description:
I have bought washing machine 360 8 KG on 4th Jan 2015, so from then I had make 5-6 complaints for water leakage and your technician has visited my home for more than 20 times but he can't solve the problem. Now I am very frustrated and wanted to replace the product and I got contact number of Vaishali(city head of Vadodara) and she said, senior technician will visit to your home and solve the problem however till the time issue is only of water leakage but after visit of senior technician I got another issue of wiring and from last 8 days My machine is not in working condition.
The senior technician has wasted around 3-4 hours and not able to solve the problem so now I dont want to do more research on my product just want to replace it, so he has provided number of Varun Saxena.
First time when I called to Varun, He told me to call next day so till that time he will check the issue and ask his technician regarding the issue.
Second time when I called to Him, We have a long discussion on the issue and I am not agree to do more repair on my product as already they have tried more than 20 times to repair it. And during that call he has called Amir (technician who has visited my home more than 20 times to solve the leakage issue) and he said we can’t solve the issue. And at last Varun agreed to replace my product and said that I am raising request to replace a product and you will get a call from call center.
I have waited for 2 days but have not got any call from call center; again I have called to Varun to ask what the status for replacement is. He said that, he has talked with his technician and they can repair the product with replacement of wiring. During that call also we have a long discussion as I wanted to replace my product however I agreed to repair the product last time. Varun told that senior technician will visit your home within 24 Hours.
After two days (i.e. Today), Again I called to Varun as no one came to repair the machine. He said, thay need to order wiring for my machine and once it will come they will replace (he said probably tomorrow they will do that). But before first visit of senior technician I am able to do wash the clothes as we have just issue of leakage, and now form last 8 days I am unable to stat it as there is an issue wiring. Our discussions going on thorough call with Varun and suddenly he has disconnected the call.
So form last 5 months no one able to solve my issue, and I am very much frustrated as every week one technician is visiting to my home to repair the product and wasting 2-3 hours however issue was not resolved.

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