Air India Complaint – Compensation For Denied Boarding, Delayed Luggage, Over Booking And Delay Flight

Subject: Compensation for Denied Boarding, Delayed Luggage, Over Booking and Delay Flight
My Name: Jayendrakumar Patel
My City: Vijapur
My State: Gujarat
My Complaint Against: Air India
Complaint Category: Tours & Travels
Claim Amount (Approx.): Mentioned in Complaint Description
My Complaint Description:
Dear Sir,

I was booked ticket with Air India for travelling from Ahmedabad (India) to St. Louis (USA) and my E-ticket number was 0982965375528-529. As per my ticket, my travelling route was AMD-DEL-JFK/LGA-STL and flight schedule was as follows:

1. AI 14: AMD to DEL on 03 Jan 19
2. AI 101: DEL to JFK (New York) on 04 Jan 19
3. DL 3616: LGA (New York) to STL on 04 Jan 19.

I was reached on time at Ahmedabad airport to catch my first flight AI 14 on 3rd Jan. However, my first flight AI 14 from AMD to DEL was delayed by more than 2 hours and hence I was missed my connecting flight AI 101 scheduled on 04 Jan 19 for travelling from DEL to JFK. Air India issued me a new boarding pass for travelling on 05 Jan in flight AI 101, hence I was stuck at Delhi by more than 24 hours. Next day on 05 Jan, I was reached on time for check in but flight AI 101 was over booked and hence Air India Transfer my ticket to Air France and issued me a Flight Interruption Manifest (FIM) at Delhi Airport.

As per the FIM issued by Air India, my journey route was Delhi-Paris-Minneapolis-St. Louis. Flight scheduled as per the Issued FIM by Air India was as follows:

1. Delhi to Paris: AF225 (Air France) on 05 Jan
2. Paris to Minneapolis: AF9300 (Operated by Delta airline DL0043) on 05 Jan
3. Minneapolis to St. Louis: AF2120 (Operated by Delta airline DL6283) on 05 Jan

However, after reaching to CDG airport Paris at 06:00AM on 5th January, Delta airline denied my boarding on DL0043 (AF 9300) saying that they are not accepting the FIM issued by Air India because they cound not communicate with Delta Air Lines prior to issuing the FIM. Hence, I was stuck at CDG airport, Paris since morning 06:00AM, I tried to get help from Air India customer care office France but they said that they can not help because they have limited excess and said that you will require to wait until evening to open Air India office at CDG, Paris. I got the help from Air India at CDG in night at around 07:00PM (after more than 12 hours stay at CDG) after opening the Air India office at CDG and Air India issued me a new ticket from Paris to St. Louis for next day travelling on 6th January in United Airline departing 11:40AM on 6th January. Hence, I was stuck in CDG airport for more than 24hours due to the denied boarding on DL0043 on the issued FIM by Air India. I was reached from Ahmedabad to St. Louis after 90 hours.

In addition to 90hours of longest journey time, United airline charged me 87 Euro for 1 check bag, I was received my checked bags after 4 days due to flight interruption which cost me for 728USD interim expenses and my 1 checked bag was damaged.

Therefore, I am requesting for the following compensation:

1. AI 14 Delayed flight compensation (more than 2 hours) on 03 Jan as per norms of DGCA

2. Compensation for missed connection on 04 Jan in AI 101 due to the delayed flight AI 14 from Ahmedabad as per norms of DGCA (I was stuck 24 hour at Delhi after missing my connecting flight due to delayed flight AI 14)

3. Compensation as per rule 3.2.3 for Denied Boarding in AI 101 on 05 Jan due to over-sale because I was reached at the final destination (St. Louis) after 30 hours of schedule mentioned in the FIM (reached on 06 Jan due to flight interruption at CDG on the issued FIM by Air India) and after 60hours of schedule as per the original ticket

4. Compensation for Denied Boarding in connecting flight at CDG airport, Paris on the issued FIM because the FIM issued by Air India was not accepted by the connecting flight (AF 9300) from Paris to Minneapolis: 600 Euro as per EU guidelines for Flight of more than 1500Kms out side the EU

5. 60 Euro reimbursement for expenses occurred due to denied boarding at CDG airport (stuck at CDG airport for more than 24hours)

6. 87 Euro (102USD) reimbursement for 1 checked bag charged by United Airline

7. 728USD reimbursement for baggage delayed due to flight interruption (all 3 checked bags delayed by more than 4 days which cost me additional expenses of 727.32 USD for cloths etc).

8. 98 USD reimbursement for damaged to 1 checked bag which have price of 98USD

9. 68 USD as taxi fare paid to Taxi driver to picked up delayed checked bags on 10th January 2019 from St. louis airport.

10. Compensation for mental harassment due to two times more than 24 hours stuck at 2 different airport, Delhi and Paris, which leads to 90hours journey from India to USA in final destination.

I was requested for compensation to Air India on 12 February but did not get response from them till date.

Please do the needful and let me know if you required supporting documents.

Jayendrakumar Patel

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