Airtel DTH Connection Is Not Working From Last 5 Days

I have a Airtel DTH connection in my home. I am residence of Bangalore. My DTH Connection id is 3005459090, my connection is on the name of Mohit Verma with the registered Phone No. 9449720730.

Problem started from Saturday April 30 at 8.30 pm. after a heavy rain showers my set top box signal dropped & showed message that signal loss. The same night i called to customer care they have told me that someone would visit my home by tomorrow morning (May 1) 10.00 am. So i waited for the technician till 12.30 but no one has come & after that i left my house for some work. Then in the same evening i called back to customer care, again they told me by tomorrow morning (May 2) my problem will be resolved but as again no one came to my home till afternoon so again i gave a call back, again they told me that problem will be solved by 7.00 pm. for sure. As it was expected by now that Airtel people are not taking customer problem seriously so no one came to day also. So three days (May 2 & 3) has left & my problem is still there. Again i called to customer care & talked to Mr. Manoj Patel from exelation department he assures me that any how my problem will be resolved by tomorrow (May 4) within 12.00 am. But as i said before no one came till 2.00 pm. Again called back & tried to talk to Mr. Patel but he was on leave so this time i talked to Mr. Sachin he gave me the Mobile no of technician who was suppose to visit my home. His name was Madhu & Mobile No. is 9964902982, at the same time i talked to him he told me he will come within 15 minutes. But to my surprise more than a hour passed & technician didn’t come so by 3.30 i called him again, i got the same response that he is coming. Finally he arrived at 5.30 pm. & started scanning the problem, he found the problem & informed me that wire has broken, so i told him to fix it. But the main surprise for me was that technician came to resolve the problem but without the necessary tools( Either i can blame it on technician ringing mobile or my bad luck for choosing Airtel). I suggested him to buy the wire connector from near by shop but he started saying he will come tomorrow morning by 8.30 am. (May 5) with tools. I have left with no option but to trust him he left & didn’t showed up till now & i am stoll struggling to solve my problem

Now I have come to a conclusion that the word professionalism, punctuality, service & promise is not in dictionary of Airtel. I am highly dissatisfied with the service i got, today is the 5th day with same problem & nothing has happened yet. I am giving you the option if you unable to solve the problem then take back your connection, so many vendors are in market who can give me good services.

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