Airtel Mobile Portability

9998607766: Since 1st march 2001, i hv applied for portability, but this airtel company is refusing my request by cheating me following ways.

1) they started cheaper outgoing call scheme, without inform me
2) they started hellotune, to make my negative balance and they can refuse my portout request
3) i talked with mr.mitesh (supervisor), but he has not respond me from airtel company.
4) i visit airtel mobile store on dtd:14.03.2011, talked with ms.tanvi, she told that we require one day to solve ur problem, and she supposed to call me on 16th march, but she didnot called me.

pls. take necessary action against airtel company.
if government started portability in mobile, why airtel company is not following rules of indian government.

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