ARJUN Complaint – Unethical Behaviour

Subject: Unethical behaviour
My Name: Bhavyaka
My City: MAA
My Complaint Against: ARJUN
Complaint Category: Tours & Travels
My Complaint Description:
I HAVEN'T seen such a rude staff in any other service sector in my whole life, We are travelling from Chennai to vizag on 5th july PNR- OC18QC- 6E 557, the issue here is we were late for 4 mins i.e we reached airport on time but reached the boarding counter 4 mins late and the they said that they cant permit us and asked us to check for the next available flights. that is when all this started. Arjun Is the guy we met at the indigo reservation counter who said he would help us with the next flight which is in another 2 hrs which has a transit to hyd and then to vizag which means we would reach vizag 5hrs late to the prior flight and while he was booking the ticket for the next flight i was talking to my husband who is next to me of how unhappy i was with the service, we might be late for 4 mins which is our mistake but i have traveled with many other flight services who would consider some buffer time and would permit the passengers on a warning or by paying a penalty or at-least on humanity basis considering the emergency but indigo would not do any such help, so we were definitely upset, isnt being happy about a service or not happy about a service our choice???? while i was talking the same to my husband the staff immediately responded saying please use different airlines if u are unhappy and i dont want to book any tickets for u. this is the response i get from arjun. so is here to promote for different airlines? are you guys not trained to be open to feedback, i really dont get this. My husband then told me please book we need to leave urgent and then he said i will only book if ur wife leaves the place, such an embarrassing an humiliating situation it was, imagine a customer being treated this way after all they earn they bread and butter coz od the customer and this is how the customers can be treated according to indigo. i had no choice but to leave . Arijun asked us to pay 2000 for the next flight and then booked the same. In the meanwhile i recorded a video of so many people who were unhappy about this they were nearly 15 members that at who missed the flight waiting to be attended to the next flight. Arjun suddenly came and said he wil cancel the ticket coz i have a video and then went ahead and cancelled. I dont understand how can a person cancel a confirmed ticket. I might be wrong or right but does he have the authority to cancel the booked ticket?? Firstly i was asked to leave and secondly i was not allowed to travel coz i am unhappy with the services. In-spite of asking about his behavior he openly agrees that this is how he behaves and it is his wish, Being a loyal customer of indigo this is what i get from you guys, he wast even ready to apologize for what he has done.

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