MTS Wifi Dongle Complaint – Low Speed

Subject: Low Speed
My Name: Mukesh Jain
My Contact No.: 9560928125
My City: Delhi
My Complaint Against: MTS Wifi Dongle
MTS Wifi Dongle’s Contact Details: 18002081955
Complaint Category: Broadband/Internet Services
My Complaint Description:
I have purchased MTS WIFI Dongle in Aug 2014 whose Dongle Number is :8459221294
from Aug 2014 to Sept 2014 I was getting maximum 1.5 Mbps speed, whereas it was supposed to be 9.8 Mbps.
I didn’t cared at that time, but from the next month it dropped to 314 kbps, without any change in plan. I have filled complaints 5-10 times at MTS Contact Support in past 2 months and always get the words ”that we are looking for issues”.…

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Vodafone Complaint – Wrong Information

Subject: wrong information
My Name: Nakul Wagaskar
My Contact No.: 9545094113
My City: Pune
My Complaint Against: Vodafone
Vodafone’s Contact Details: 198
Complaint Category: Vodafone Complaints
My Complaint Description:
Sir I m Nakul Wagaskar, I have complaint against Vodafone Postpaid, I have 1 complaintpaid no 9545094113, I purchase it bye one Vodafone executive, cos he called me up to 15 times, I have 3 complaints
1. When I was purchase this card they told me that, this card is 249 rental card with service tax, for this reason I was purchase this card, but when I was saw my bill they add service tax in rental, its wrong

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Reliance Telecom Complaint – Wrong Charged For VAS , Wrong Deduction From Talk Time Balance For Internet Use

Subject: Wrong Charged for VAS , Wrong deduction from talk time balance for internet use
My Contact No.: 8252572595
My Complaint Against: Reliance Telecom
Reliance Telecom’s Contact Details: 198, *333, 18001003333
Complaint Category: Reliance Comaplaints
My Complaint Description:
I got message. ….

Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting Reliance. Your Service request no. is 228737522. Your request will be resolved in the next 6 Hours ( 6th Jan 2015).

My problem is that company deducted three times from my account balance.

First time I was told by them that VAS was activated in my SIM, but it is wrong, I never opted for any VAS.…

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Complaint Against Gtpl Broadband . Complaint – I M Unable To Use My Next

Subject: I m unable to use my next
My Name: Akshar jani
My Contact No.: 9998769751
My City: vadodara
My Complaint Against: complaint against gtpl broadband .
complaint against gtpl broadband .’s Contact Details:
Complaint Category: Broadband/Internet Services
My Complaint Description:
Hello there …. I have paid 8000 rs to gtpl internet …. But still m unable to connect to it …. I complaint company more than 15 time in last one month but still no reply from them …. When I called them they were telling that my router is not working properly … So i changed it 2 times after it … Yet it is not working ….…

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Velex Logistics Pvt Ltd Courier Complaint – Not Delivering Me The Product Iam Saying Them To Deliver My Product Till 4 Days But Not A Good Response

Subject: not delivering me the product iam saying them to deliver my product till 4 days but not a good response
My Name: nakul chauhan
My Contact No.: 9687537570
My City: Bharuch , Gujarat
My Complaint Against: velex logistics pvt ltd courier
velex logistics pvt ltd courier’s Contact Details: 8128669117
Complaint Category: Electronics Appliances
My Complaint Description:
i have order 2 products from snapdeal on 4 january and the product was delivered to velex logistics pvt ltd courier on 8 of january and then i have asked them for my product then they said that we have came to your home to deliver the product but lift was not working so we have not come to your home this was the stupid reason and when i call them again then they were talking with us in a bad manner and when we said that we will complain to the higher authority then they said ok ok you can complain then we complain to snapdeal they said that we will forward your complain then also the courier service does not respond then again we complain to snapdeal then also they does not respond properly i complain for 3 times and then on 12 jan 2015 i called to velex logistics pvt ltd courier about my product then they said me that one of your product is returned and another product is with the courier then i asked them for the delivery then they said we do not use to deliver that product to my areas the i want to ask that on the first day why the courier man has given the excuse that i was at your home an the lift was not working then i go back i am very very upset from velex logistics pvt ltd courier and have responded to me in a very bad way i want you to please take the strict action against the bharuch city velex logistics pvt ltd courier and the courier person who has given the very stupid reason that lift was not working please i hope that you will help me and they have return back one of my product without asking me and without informing me i need that product in an emergency but stilll 6 days my product was not delivered to me and my product was in bharuch city then also so this thing is not good for the reputation of velex logistics pvt ltd courier i want you to take the strict action against velex logistics pvt ltd courier so that they does not harrese the coustmer again please.…

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