Vodafone Complaints

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to make my Vodafone & Pacesetter outsource collection team Complaint Live to public.
Here is my mail to them – I will keep complainting the hopeless replies I will get from Vodafone & Pacesetters…

“Dear Collection Team Pacesetters/Vodafone,

I am furious with the Vodafone Service, with all the customer care centers, numbers, and e-mail ids there is no intention of taking proper care of the customers.

If you are just a outsourced agency for Vodafone, then so be it.

Do not harass me with Vodafone Bill payment and improve your systems better,
I will not hesitate to approach Media in a couple of days and Take Legal Action against whom so ever is concerned, go through the proof of Cheque, Bank Statement, and Receipt of Payment attached herewith

Second time I am going through such a mess because of a System Problem at your end.…

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