Volkswagen Dealer – M/s. Automark Motors Pvt Ltd. Vadodara And Goodyear India Ltd.

Car : Volkswagen
Model : Jetta (Diesel) TDI-EN
Registered No. : GJ DQ 4419
Date on Purchase : 09-08-10
Dealer : Auotmark

The above are the details of the car I purchased from your esteemed dealer.

1. On 15-12-10 the I reported to your dealer of the bulge in the Good Year front tyre. The representative of Goodyear came on 118-12-10 and rejected my claim of manufacturing defect.
2. Again on 11-02-11 the same defect as above appeared on the spare tyre which I had replaced with previous. This Claim was also rejected they then offered 50% discount for replacement.…

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