BRTS Ahmedabad Complaint

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We were issued 04 tickets by 22:57:03 on 14/01/2011 from Maninagar Char rasta to Shivranjani, we were in family(ladies & child), but we were not placed in any of the buses as bus drivers said these are the buses which stops at Maninagar by 23:00 & continue next day morning.
We launched a complaint at Maninagar station as they refused to refund money, we have to come back by Auto Rikshaw paying night charges just because of lack of incompetency of

BRTS employee.
Till today even just for curtsey nobody has called not even refunded any amount.
I would like to make them aware that even in this busy life I may find time to fight against this RAMRAAJ system of BRTS.

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28 thoughts on “BRTS Ahmedabad Complaint

  1. I totally agree with Mr Sunil the behavior of BRTS employee is pathetic . I was on Shivranjani Cross Road station and suppose to go andhajan mandal i offer 5 Rs note to Ticket window and the person sitting there refuse to give chnage . He said whether you give me 5 Rs or go to “Pan Ka Galla” and purchase somthing from there and get chnage. I don’t know how one lady can go such places for chnage and it’s there duty to keep chnage with them . In Mumabi Local if you offer 100 Rs note to ticket window they will deduct amount and give you your money back . I was keep requesting to the guy and after certain time i ask him about his name ,he proudly says My name is “Salman” and “Jo ukhadna hain Ukhad lena” .
    It’s very pathetic and embarrassing behavior i have seen in public place. I hope authority will take action against him so that next time ladies can travel in BRTS comfortably and fearless.

    • Yes exactly, they don’t ever give change. The guy at anjali cross road does the same with me. Charge from Anjali to ISKON cross road is 13 Rs, I give him 20 Rs. and everyday he gives me 6 Rs. back. And after 3 days when I give 10 Rs. He does not except and says that there is no you have to give 13 Rs. only. They never give change very bad service. If this continues I will raise this issue forward.

      • Yes exactly, they don’t ever give change. The guy at low garden does the same with me. Charge from low garden to samarpan bungalow is 22 Rs, I give him 30 Rs. and 8 rs. not back and told me not available change.
        Jurney date 13-jun-17, dev I’d: 1492., Opr id-0519, t no-ad06816, after half hour arrangements two rs. After collect 10 rs. It’s not good.

      • Yes exactly, they don’t ever give change. The guy at low garden does the same with me. Charge from low garden to samarpan bungalow is 22 Rs, I give him 30 Rs. and 8 rs. not back and told me not available change.
        Jurney date 13-jun-17, dev I’d: 1492., Opr id-0519, t no-ad06816, after half hour arrangements two rs. After collect 10 rs. It’s not good. And also smart card machine & janmarg card swap machine are faulty , and janmarg card not accept for entry. Sirf bolta hai ticket kata lo aur uske upar ye Kamal ki bat change amount not refunded. In this type issue regularly facing lots of problem. So request to you please, Kindly resolve these types issues.

      • My self amit I travelled from narol to Krishna nagar but @ 17/10/17 .the person who is in brts narol who is give tickets he is refused to give me ticket of krishnnagar as he has not change…I give him rs.50 and my ticket is rs.22 …but I saw that he have change but don’t know why he is not given me change or ticket to krishnnagar in stand of that he give me ra.20 ticket so I got ticket from vijay park so I totally harassed and this person do not have any common since that how to talk with a person…he is not suitable for this I request that to do something..

    • I am absolutely agree with you….Same incidents occurred with me @maninagar char rasta i am asking for my 2rs change he throws the coin ….shouting even on passenger​…It’s pathetic behaviour.. Management have to take some action if they are listening us

  2. I am totally agree with guys BRTS employs behavior is like Hitler today i came express junction to vijay park and when i reached vijay park and crossed the station then after security guard has cried oye hero ticket de k jawo i back and given him ticket and then he told me ticket bina diye kyo bhag rahe the and thing is this when i reached here he was opening the gutkha pouch and eating i said him this is your duty you collect the ticket inside and you know this was my crime he told me how can you say this is my duty he miss behaved me and he was readdy to fight me i shocked friends and i would like to say avoid the journey in brts

  3. i siad narol to isanpur brts track in nr mony hotel zebra cross to men but other people r cross road vehicle see was very denguors i said brts locked other space to zebra cross you are fit to gril nobady can go take vehicle okey thanks for yours faithfully ??

  4. Tamari betsni seva sari 6 pan trafik samshiya na manso and police comty na Kam kam ma khub j kachas 6 jena karne aaje hu Mari Clg ni exam aapi nathi…so aavi trafik samshiya ne due karva aap shaheb shred ne vinanti 6 Jena thi Amara jeva students ni exam 6ute nai

  5. I m very disappoint wid the behaviour of ur employ. Plz give them trainning that how to behave wid passengers. They are very rude and I also came to know that u are not taking any steps against complain but it doesn’t matter that is ur wish but ya employes are very pathetic.

  6. Hi, I’m in Ahmedabad for month and using brts service mostly from Visat gandhinagar junction to pragtinagar/akhbarnagar
    Most of times when I purchase ticket instead of ticket issued from ticket counter security person who collect ticket from travellers provides me old ticket(mostly 1 hour before current time)
    This is a scam as ticket amount is shared between them and definitely brts does loss in business

  7. today at 10:45pm 5/10/2015 sunday Maninagar railway station bus stand when memu trains came at maninagar, pass came out and rush to bus stand for pickup. before they reach there 2 buses are run away in vacant situation.and asked at ticket window that was the last buses they run away after seeing that train came at platform.
    every time in evening it happens that when train came and buses are started from BRTS bus stand and people are waiting for another buses or some other public transport. and every time says by white shirt person that time off bus show, bus run away.
    but ask them when 1or 2 hours buses are halted due to traffic, then where you timing are gone.

    officer please look in to matter for human being and not for time of bus they says every time.
    it happen everyday in the evening at maninagar bus station.

  8. Kindly provide smart card for tickets at vijay park or iskon temple road because every day at morning time & evening time there is problem of change…
    Do needful as soon as possible..
    Daily Customer

  9. Today I am traveling shivarajani to maninagar ….in morning 6:30 ….. is for 1 person far is 15 rs i give 20rs (10+10) . He told me he don’t have change so give Change 15 Rs .or forgot your 5/- rs in I have train from maninagar to Baroda …. because of this discussion…. I los… to bus and my train also finally I have paid 20/rs in morning 6:30 because I don’t have change … I don’t have any other options to travel ….but brts ticket Windows must have change because it’s very far from another shop .. .I think some one tech them good customer handling….and politeness… bcos they give very rudely answer ….I hope …no need to travel again in brts ahmedabad.




  11. Daily late hoti hai 2,2 ghante bus stop par wait karna padta hai ek bhi bus nhi aati jab sabhi ka ghar jane ka time hota hai tab bus nhi aati …jab time se bus aati hi nhi hai toh band kar do na service…naroda jaane ke liye itna wait …karna padta hai garden se bus hi nhi milti yaar BRT BUS only naam ki chalu karwai hai kya band kar do.ya problem solve karo bola tha har 15 mint.main bus aayegi yaha 2,2 ghante tak bus nhi aati….ajeeb service hai..solve karo problem ya band kar do.hazaro log ghar jaane kw liye wait karte hai yaha bus hi nhi aati….by avnish chauhan 9724267916

  12. With due respect i would like to inform you that i am your customer who was waiting for bus at Rathi Appartment at 7:09 pm but the bus didn’t stop there and he was rushed away very roughly driver saw me i was waiting and infact i showed my hand to stop but he ignored me and did not stop,
    I request you to pls look into this matter and do the needful, waiting for your reply

  13. Sir,
    Mera name Salman he sir mujhe ek complaint he BRTS ki Sir ye jo ticket Counter pe bethe hena wo log bohot gusse main or gaali se baat karte he Sola Bridge Last Brts bus staind pe jo ticket counter pe he wo bohot gusse main or gaali se baat karta he sir uska roj roj ka naatak ho gya he kabhi bolta he change lekar aa kabhi bolta he change nhi he kabhi bolta he ticket nhi dunga kabhi bolta he ye paise nhi chalenge or jab main sawal kara toh usne mujhe gaali diya or mere upar haat uthadiya bola he thappad marne ka ye sola bridge last brts bus staind pe jo ticket counter pr bethta he wo roj sir hum ghar jaane ke liye kaam se chut teh he or ye roj naatak karta he iska koi solution nikalo sir request he

  14. Sir;
    since 6 months am travelling in BRTS from Odhav Murlidhar Society to science city approach every day but this guy at
    Odhav ticket counter is mentally disturbed and very rude more than 50 times he does not give change on 50 &100rs
    note Inspite of having change and my ticket fare is 25re we have to go out of bus stop and get change and by that
    time the bus arrives and leaves 50 times have reached late at Office today have been given last ultimate if this
    happens again I promise I am going to fight with him and create a big issue by media and cops as well I start at
    6.30 pm every day from odhav pls llook into this matter or else will be forced to take action by self

  15. Hello Sir/ Madam..

    I am travelling in BRTS from last 6 months from chandkheda to commerce six road and return same during our office hours and there is no any AC bus we have

    Our office time is 9 -10.30 am in morning and 6.30 – 7.30 pm in evening.

    so we request you kindly arrange proper buses during there hours.


  16. No efficient Ahmedabad brts complaint support system is present. Ladies seat not available and occupied by men. No system of support. What’s the use of labelling a seat as ladies. Just to showcase it as a provision by govt.

  17. So sorry to inform you that yesterday on 15 Feb Friday when I go with my friends and I took tickets from SOLA BHAGWAT to CHANDKHEDA I experienced very rude behaviour of the person who gave me ticket when I was asked him for tickets for CHANDKHEDA and I asked for which bus number I Had to go He behaved to rudely and said he didn’t know ask to driver and then I said him That He didn’t know how to behave with girl He thrown tickets on me and came to me angrily I went out from there.. kindly take some action on that person I didn’t know his name.

  18. मुझे कलुपुर स्टेंड से जी सी एस hospital वहा का चार्ज 4 के बदले 5 लिया है 1 रुपय मागने पर वही जबाव छुट्टे लाओ

  19. I am at Iskon BRTS stand… I am not given the ticket saying that it’s 10:50 pm and we don’t provide ticket after this time….
    Is this a rule of BRTS or they made me fool?????? Please educate me for this….
    I am traveling without ticket and I have no other option to travel so late.
    Please help as soon as possible….

  20. I was travelling yesterday ie., 21/08/2019
    From jhansi ki rani to little wings somewhere in the middle my purse got stolen and i had my all original documents in it, i want you to look after this issue as soon as possible and henceforth i request i request everyone not to travel by brts

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