BSNL Gujarat-Want Refund

Telephone No. 079 25393326 – were Dead for 30 days  get refund-

Respected sir,

I the under signed  beg to state the following few line for kind
perusal and consideration please.

Telephone no. 079-25393326 as particularized below were dead

Telephone  were  dead for  30 Days  w.e.f.  Dt.08/07/2010  to 06/08/2010

Received bill Rs.511/-  bill date  6/08/2010   Bill no. T060820104250461.
Opening Meter Reading:-58823 / Closing Meter Reading:-58823.
– Bill Paid on 11/08/2010.  (Totally telephone dead 30 days-July10)

I am to request for getting refund  under ‘Rent refund scheme’

(1)        Complained no. JML- 38360.  Dt.12/07/2010
( Telephone were dead from dt.08/07/2010 to till date)

* (2)   Complained no.  JML-40614. dt 23/07/2010.
(telephone  were dead from  dt.08/07/2010 to till date.)

*(3)   Complained no. JML- 41992.  Dt. 29/07/2010.
( telephone  were dead from  dt.08/07/2010.
EXCHANGE  CHANGE Jamalpur  to Isanpur for complain on 03/08/2010

*(4)   Complained no.  ISN –  00743.  Dt.03/08/2010.
( telephone  were dead from  dt.08/07/2010.

(5)   Complained no.  ISN –  00813.  Dt.06/08/2010.

*  Of   late  it  has  been  observed   that  the  complaint booked is /was
removed  from  the  register  of  telephone  exchange,  Ahmadabad, without
attending  the  same  though  the  telephone  is  not continued,  so  that again
and  again  I have to book complaint of my telephone  mentioned  above.

It is inadvertently mentioned  here that I did  not get telephone service from above period Were Not working condition . However, I may be  clarified  that I have paid/credited my telephone bills, even though phone in question  is dead.

Do  needful  and  arrange  to  issue  necessary  refund  under rent
Refund under existing rules.

In convenient caused to you is deeply regretted.

Sir,  (G                            dt.10/10/2010
Grahak suraksha offcer,
I have complaint by speedcomplaint/E-mail for about 10-15 times to Gujarat/Dlhi

Your faithfully,
( Panna S Bhatt)

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