I received a call from BSNL Hungama during may 2011 that I am to get free services if I provide to them my mobile number and email address and I provided to them but I am sorry to inform you that I got MODCHG in my lanline bill 0261-2795429 during june to july 2011 bill extra Rs 149 and july to aug 2011
BSNL never gives any kind of services to its clients without the written consent of its customers and not only that BSNL asks for deposit to its clients.
But here no written consent nor any kind of deposit is taken.
Telling for FREE services and debiting in my bill is looting to the public and cheating to the public.Who has given permission to BSNL HUNGAMA to debit in my bill ?
I request you to get refund for Rs [email protected] 24% thereon and email charges Rs 75/-

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