Cheat Me For 1260 Rs.

I am Tushar Thakkar from Harij of north gujarat dist-patan , i got 2 tickets reserved on my handicapped certificate on 10/01/2011 for the journey on 07/03/2011 and 12/03/2011 on the name of TusharThakkar & Mayur Thakkar for going to bangalore. Mr. Akash booked the tickets on my handicapped certificate and after approx. 5 days Mr. Akash and a person named Mr. Balwant sinh rajput of patan railway station called me on my mobile and told to come at patan railway station for some inquiry work, when i went there they told me that your certificate’s issuance duration of 5 years are over with which i was unknown so you need to give other 1260 rs. and confirm your ticket as normal ticket so i gave them 1260 rs. against it they gave me money receipt of 1260 Rs. when on 08/02/2011 i went to cancel my ticket for my personnel reason they denied to give me my 1260 rs. and Mr. Balwant sinh and other staff of patan railway station abused me bad words and told no one can do anything to them not even government. so help me please to take my 1260 rs. back as its customer rights to cancel their ticket and take their money back before journey after deduction of reservation charges.

My ticket no.- 10529864 booked for 07/03/2011 journey & 10529865 for 12/03/2011 for return journey on 12/03/2011.
Money receipt of 1260 rs. No.-W413405 (23/01/2011)

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