Cheating By Credit Card Company.

My Name: Kunjesh S.Mali
My Contact No. 09824088850
My Complaint Against: SBI Credit card.
SBI Credit card.’s Contact Details:
Complaint Category: Advertising Media
My Complaint Description:
I am using SBI credit cards since more then 5 years. I have not defaulted my payment cheque any day. But once 2-3 years back & now this company is intrested to show my cheque dishounered. while in none of the case they deposited my cheque to my bank.last time they had to reverse the charges they had applied to me.. again this time without depositing cheque to my bank they are claiming my cheque as return. While no cheque entry is shown in my pass book on that date. the credit card company is charging me charges like cheque dishonour fee,late payment fee,gst,finance charges.. as extra amount in total of 1697.11 while my bill amount of said cheque was just Rs: 7653/-. I do not have cheque return history in my saving account in last 15-20 years. after that i had recieved Bill of 19186/- which includes my old cheque amount, & all the extra applied charge of Rs: 1697.11. I want to file the case of hurting my image..twice. regards,
Kunjesh Mali

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